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  1. Carol, I started (& finished) your scarf today! I just need to wash it, tag it and mail it. Hope you don't mind rosy pink wool. It's nice and soft and I think you'll like it--it's a very nice shade of light pink and not scratchy at all. It'll go well with those 'in-between' seasons.
  2. All righty, ladies! I've gone through the first few pages of the thread and updated the first post. If I've missed anything, please let me know via e-mail or PM. It's easy for me to miss a post here--there are currently 42 pages in this thread.
  3. Okay, ladies. I've edited the first post, so if I missed you, please let me know! It's been crazy around here lately, and I'm off to my sister's wedding this weekend!
  4. dogymom--you don't have to use any/all of the colors I listed. I like surprises as well. Use your imagination and I'm sure I'll be happy with what you send! CarolL--you didn't list any colors and I'm wondering if there are any I should stay away from? Otherwise, you may end up with a red/burgandy thread scarf.
  5. I have something to say that I never thought I would have to, but someone has been using my e-mail address to send her pal e-cards. I know this and Faith does too, because we are sharing the account in question. People, the e-mail provided in the first post is there for swappers' questions and concerns, not for you to use as your own account when sending cards. I really don't appreciate e-card receipts showing up in my account when I didn't send them. To be honest, I really feel violated about this. I'm shocked that anyone would do this. I don't want to have to contact you personally, because I'm sure you know who you are, so please don't use my e-mail address again when sending stuff out. Please set up your own account to use during SP swaps. If you use my account address again, I will contact you personally and the message won't be so nice.
  6. Due to the recent banning of shelain22, Group 1's mailing schedule will change slightly to accomodate losing a swap member. When you get to your own name when making squares, that will be either month 10 or 11, depending on where Val was in your mailing sequence. Go ahead and keep your square for that month, and keep going down the list until you have made 12 squares. Angela, I'm still planning on doing your March square, as well as yours, Robin. I sincerely apologize for the lateness of the squares. We've had a lot going on with the job interviews up north and we're still not unpacked and have to go out of town again tomorrow. The squares will be out within the next few days.
  7. Some of the designs showcased on that site are not really bad--the designers just really need to think about their color usage before making and selling the design. Oh, and that "Couch Dress" is just hideous....who would want a dress that fits you and your couch? I'd rather curl up under a baby blanket!
  8. I keep a black-page journal with the name of the pattern, where to find it, what size I'm making, the hook brand and size, and a yarn swatch. I also use the same page to mark the rows/rnds I'm on in case I put the project down (I know, this NEVER happens...). I also jot down any important notes about the pattern or special stitches it contains. To keep my 16 m/o daughter out of my hooks and current project, I hand her a size N aluminum hook and a tangle of yarn for her to "crochet" with.
  9. Thank you SO much Celeste!!!! I received the MOST beautiful and purr-fect tapestry-crocheted purse! It's a light/muted green and off-white with CATS running around it! Oh, and the handles are the purr-fect length and are a very lovely shade of light brown leather. The lining is a very nice white-on-white print fabric. I'll post pics after I can get caught up on everything else. Thank you!!! She sent extras, too, but you'll have to read about those in the RAOK forum.
  10. Jimmie Lu, the hat you sent came in today (it was at the PO while I was out of town though). I love it!! It's nice and lacy and fits my big head perfectly! Thank you!
  11. Me too! I would get out the small embroidery scissors, a small steel hook, a cup of tea and the TV remote. I don't mind frogging stuff that's obviously not going to be completed.
  12. I also have that pattern printed...just haven't finished making it! My aunt printed the pattern after I told her where to find it and made 10 complete sets within two weeks! I love the variegated purples you used. I'm still trying to decide colors for our bathrooms....
  13. Just a quick post to say that I received my March square from Angela/fruggs today when I picked up my held mail. And, to the ladies who are expecting March squares from me (you know who you are): I sincerely apologize that your square are late. I was out of town last week and forgot all the important projects I was going to take with me!! I got no crocheting or knitting done last week.
  14. Thank you, Bonnie!! The flowers and extras you sent were at the post office waiting for me when I picked up my mail this afternoon. I love the face cloths, dishcloth and bookmarks! I also edited the first post to reflect who has sent and received flowers, so if I missed you, please let me know.
  15. No tote waiting at the post office today. Celeste, when I put in the Confirmation # you gave me, I get a "no record of that number" message at the USPS site.
  16. Just letting you know that after about 3 or 4 restarts due to yarn and/or pattern changes, I've finally gotten your shawl to the the 1/3 mark. I apologize for the delay; I finally chose the Seraphina in Wool-Ease Sport. The color is white with a pretty iridescent pastel wrap, so I think it will suit your needs nicely.
  17. I've been out of town, but my bag should be waiting at the post office for me. I'll post again this afternoon after we pick up the held mail.
  18. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I was speaking of the square you're supposed to receive for March. Your March partner is Val. If you haven't heard from her (I haven't heard anything lately) by the 21st, please let me know and I'll send you a square for March.
  19. Hey ladies. I'll be out of town for the next week plus a few days, and I'll be off Crochetville over the weekend due to traveling. Please don't flood my inbox with PMs about squares and such; I'll get on Monday after we're settled at my ILs' house and update the first post (unless Julie wants to do it ) with received squares. Most of you are aware of Val's (shelain22) situation with her grandfather, so I'm not sure when she'll be able to get back on and update her stuff. I need to hear from Angela (fruggs) about your Feb square and Paula (busybee) about your March square. If you ladies haven't heard anything from either Val or Mike, I'll get a square out to you due to her situation. It could be a while before she's back online. Also, because I'm very busy packing, my squares for March and April won't be going out this weekend, but probably next week while we're out of town. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to get online while we're at my ILs' because I have to share a computer on a dial-up connection with my 15-y/o SIL. I'm not abandoning you; just heading up for a visit and a job interview for my DH.
  20. Well, my tote didn't arrive today, and we're heading out of town early tomorrow morning. It should be at the post office with our held mail when we get home, so I will post a pic and thank you after we get home the 26th.
  21. Oh, yes....lots of room...the bottom diameter is about 7 inches (I forgot to add the dimensions when I submitted the pattern). It easily held a half-liter bottle of soda plus my 14" knitting needles & yarn along with the normal stuff I carry in my purse....and there was room to spare!
  22. It's called "Addi-Pearls" and I bought the kit at my LYS. There are four kits total--two crochet and two knit. I have an abundance of beads here at the house--in varying sizes and colors--as well as several spools of wire, so I'm going to try to do some more of these. Thanks for all the wonderful comments!!
  23. Just in time for my birthday (I bought the kit with birthday money from my grandmother) and St. Patrick's Day, I crocheted a lovely wire necklace with assorted sizes and colors of green beads. The kit included all the beads, 32 gauge gold wire, a 1.75 mm Addi traveler crochet hook (my new favorite steel hook!), and a lobster-claw clasp. Total crafting time (stringing beads was the longest) was about 2 1/2 hours from stringing the first bead to closing the jump rings for the clasp.
  24. My bag is on its way to me!! Celeste e-mailed me yesterday telling me it's coming priority. Maybe it'll get here tomorrow--that would be an AWESOME birthday gift!
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