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  1. love this scarf! Thank you so much for sharing
  2. I love this. I've been looking for a pretty flower.
  3. Love your hats, and aren't your children so cute? Glad you found the forum encouraging, I personally have loads of people here to thank for encouraging me and befriending me. See you around! Alison x
  4. Denise! :cheer We must have sent out Post Office Vibes yesterday as about 5 minutes ago this arrived! I was SO excited when I saw it was from you. Thank you for your generous box it really was worth the wait. The yarn is lovely, your handiwork in the bag:knit the hook holder and the stitchmark case, as well as the pretty book mark and kitchen accessories. I'm so excited I can't take it all in properly so I'll post properly about it later today:dance :dance when I can keep still long enough! Thank you again Alison
  5. That Darn Postman! My box was posted in good faith and I swear he's keeping hold of it!I'll see to him when he comes round next But I'm keeping my spirits up with my hook in my hand and at the ready. Alison
  6. Hi Denise No, it's not here yet... I keep looking, and chasing random postwagons! I'm sure it'll arrive soon and then it'll be partytime! I'll be sure to let you know, in fact today could be the day! Alison x
  7. Denise I'm so glad you liked everything You can have some lovely time with and being creative! Alison
  8. Denise I mailed your package today:cheer Give it about 5 days to get to you, then enjoy your new !! Alison
  9. Hi Denise I'm packing your package to post tomorrow!I really hope you like the gifts I've put for you, I've had fun selecting things Alison
  10. Hi Juli Yes I got your email:cheer Hi to neicycrochets, my swap partner Alison
  11. I sent mine in too! Thank you Juli, you've taken on another massive swap I fear! TTFN Alison
  12. I adore your podcast - you're the queen of crochet podcasting!! Thank you so much for your efforts! Alison
  13. :tdance Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the US:pilgrim Alison
  14. I want to show you all what misty sent, and to thank her for hersuper hard work This is the package settled into my kitchen already! The teacosy fits nicely, the potstand is so pretty, and the teacaddy, tray & teabags are a great addition to my kitchen. Thank you again, I've really enjoyed this swap! Alison
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