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  1. Hi all been away for awhile but have been staying busy with my crochet. I just finished a couple of items that I tested for Kathy(Katchkan). The shawl is done with a size 10 thread and size 4 hook. The Marque runner is done with a size 20 thread and size 10 hook. Hope you all like them. Mary
  2. That is going to be stunning, what a wonderful gift for your daughter. Mary
  3. This is a pattern that I have been wanting to make but never got around to, also didn't think my ability was up to it. Since becoming a tester for Kathy (Katchkan) with her encouragement and help I have now found that I can do so much more than I thought. Never limit yourself would be a good motto. The runner measures 35.5" x 13" and is done with size 30 thread and a size 12 hook. The thread is a salmon color with a gold thread thru out. The pattern is from the January 1984 magazine Crochet Fantasy. Hope you all like it. Mary
  4. After making the angel for my son my husband made his request for one. So obviously I had to accomodate him as he so seldom makes a request like this. She is 16" tall and instead of curls I did this one in ringlets. Hope you all like her. Mary Pictures are clickable
  5. Here is an Angel for my sons Christmas tree. It didn't turn out as well as I hoped but I think he will still like it. It is approx. 15" tall and I used a size 10 thread and size 6 hook. It is from the book Sweet Elegance Angels from Annie's Attic. Hope you all like it. Mary
  6. Here is a filet runner I tested for Kathy(Katchkan). I used a size 20 thread and 10 hook. It measures 10" x 29 1/2" long. Hope you all like it. Thanks for looking Mary Pictures are clickable.
  7. Ferosah has a tutorial with cro-tat that she has broken down into steps if that helps. Mary
  8. I have been playing with a couple of patterns from Ferosah's web site and here are the end results. They are free patterns that you can get on her site at: http://www.ferosah.com The unicorn was done with a size 6 hook and size 10 thread. The Crochet tatted doily was done with size 10 thread and size 6 cro-tat hook. Hope you like them Mary
  9. Here is a doily that I finished this last week. It is from the Extra-Special Doilies from Leisure Arts. It called for size 10 thread and size 7 hook. I used size 20 thread and a size 10 hook instead in Lavender. I made this for myself to replace the doily I gave my mother in law. Hope you all like it. Mary
  10. It looks beautiful, I really like the blue you used also. Mary
  11. dennymare

    Bead choker

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments and yes I think Kathy has rubbed off on me. I am working on the pattern and will post when I have it done. Mary
  12. dennymare

    Bead choker

    I was trying to be creative this weekend and this is what I came up with. I used a size 6 hook and size 10 thread to make this, I think the beads are about a size 10. Hope you all like it. Mary Pictures are clickable.
  13. Beautiful doily wonder workmanship. Mary
  14. Wow it is gorgeous Mary Jo, I have been wanting to get that book and after seeing your completed doily I think I will have to buy it also. I made the large painted doily like you did and sent it to my daughter and have to say they would make a great addition for her. Mary
  15. Here is my rendition of Kathy's pattern that I tested. I changed the colors because there happen to be in my stash. Hope you all like it. Mary pictures are clickable
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