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  1. I just took 3 weeks to use up half a ball of size 10 thread for my partner's gift in the filet swap. Three hours?? I am humbled, vonnie, humbled! And I never thought of thread as a budgetary thing. I just got annoyed that I had to wear my reading glasses or my bifocals to see the dang stitches. But you've inspired me to get started on those tulip curtains I want. Crochet to keep me sane, thread to keep my budget in line. Thanks!! Patty
  2. And let's not overlook our dear Rachel's Crochet Pattern Central website, where there are thousands of free patterns available with just one quick link. I always check CPC first for patterns. ($ saved on patterns = $ that can be spent on yarn) Just get a basic hook (5 mm is one used for lots and lots of patterns), some basic yarn (nice, cheap, light yarn is the way to go--easier to see your stitches in light colored yarn), and go. You'll get addicted to more and more hooks, more and more yarn and yarn types, and patterns, and techniques, with experience. Or maybe not. My mom, who's be
  3. Hey gals, your generosity is great, but please note that the date of the original post was 2005, and it doesn't look like 000blueberry000 is a member anymore. Please contact the charities listed about donations, as they will have the most up-to-date information for you. Patty
  4. Well, at the risk of my kitchen swap partner seeing this... (and everyone posting this and the circular scrubbie patterns have totally ruined my surprise for her LOL). I did make the dish sponge in nylon yarn, and modified the pattern to make just sc, not hdc, since it's so dang hard to work with. I have a scraped knuckle where the yarn was wrapped over my left hand. Maybe she'll let us know if the nylon works better than the cotton (she's getting both SHHHH!). Patty
  5. Jadzia, the first post in any CAL thread usually privides all the information you need, including links to patterns, etc. If you see one that piques your interest, just scroll through the thread to read what others are doing, what colors and yarns, etc., and if you're interested, join up by simply posting a message in the thread. Super simple! And you don't need to post photos. Of course, we all love seeing what each other is doing, but really we just do it for the companionship and, for me, so that I can get help when I get stuck with a problem! Jump in! Patty
  6. Let's see...Here's what I'm working on (a day late): Made 2 more bookmarks for the swap this week, but the pansy bookmark doesn't look right to me. Will try to fix it or may put it in a pile for Christmas gift tags instead. The other one may get sidetracked to my sis for her birthday because it's purple and that's her favorite color. Still need to finish my sunshine lace afghan border (but it's just too dang hot to put an afghan on my lap right now --96 degrees yesterday ) Started my first pair of socks! I'm very excited, but nervous. I'm using a different yarn than the pattern re
  7. Hmm, my WIP list is much shorter than ya'lls: my first dog sweater is mostly done, but the neck and belly band still need to be made a scarf for my niece (shhh--a Christmas present) made out of fun fur is 1/3 done and I've bid on some wool on ebay for my first fulled bag (couldn't find any 100% wool here in town that I liked, so started surfing the web instead) Patty
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