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  1. I love Maggi's two different stockings; she must be an amazingly fast crafter to get two packages done! Maggi, I hope Santa is extra good to you this year! Minwife and owlvamp--love the photos from your get together! I'm glad one horrible day ended well, with new friends made and good times had. Because that is part of the holiday spirit. Everyone did a fantastic job on the stocking stuffers! I love how generous and creative everyone was. I just finished reading a book called The Year of No Purchases, and the author could have taken a lesson from ya'll on how to gift beautifully on a budget. Well done, everyone! I will be off working retail (which will actually pay me more than AZ's unemployment insurance) for the rest of the week through Christmas Eve, so in case I am too exhausted to get back: Merry Christmas, my friends!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday full of love and good cheer!
  2. Jessi and Teresa, great stockings! The elf is adorable, and chocolate, well, who can resist? Not me! Just to catch everyone up: things were getting really really slow at work, so in October I started applying for a holiday temp job to get me over what I thought would just be some unpaid leave time (didn't think I'd get laid off). Anyway, I did get a holiday temp job at Target, so have been working for the past three days there after a half-day of training. It's been about 18 years since I worked in a store, and while it's just as I remembered it (with the added bonus of the scanners, and not having to enter all the UPC codes by hand), I am 18 years older. My feet and back are killing me! I've also been applying for jobs, but got a rejection letter in 15 hours after one online submittal, which is a record for me. According to my sister, who lost her job in June and is still looking, three-quarters of the places she's applied didn't even send a rejection letter, even a form one, by email. Pretty lame, that, in my opinion. So cheer me up with funny holiday stories. I have to get my outside lights up this week, if I can shimmy past the 18 boxes of stuff from my office that is now piled in front of the shelf in the shed where the Christmas decorations are.
  3. Wow, Mary Joe and Peggy, those packages are fabulous! Great job! Sorry I have been scarce, but I was laid off from my job late Thursday, and told I had to have everything out of my office by a certain date. After 17 1/2 years, you can imagine how much stuff was in my office. But, I am grateful for having my health, a roof over my head, and an enormous turkey to eat on for two weeks, and of course all of my friends here at Crochetville. Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. Mary Jo is always the first to finish, every swap, but Peggy gave her a run for the title this time . These airborne stockings sent out early will keep Santa's sleigh from being too heavy. I'm pretty sure he's decided you two were nice this year, by the way. Tiffer, that is awesome news! Congratulations! Send some positive new job vibes to me, will ya?
  5. Here is my Dental Tale of Woe, to join Jessicali. Two weeks ago I broke my crown on a delicious, dark chocolate, sea salt caramel. The dentist who did the procedure three years closed his office this spring. So I emailed my beloved dentist, who moved to Denver a few years ago and ask for a recommendation,and selected one. The dentist looks like she's 12, but she's very good (she has joined her parents in their practice, so she probably had a head start on learning tooth things). She takes the mold, gives me a temporary, and yesterday I went back for the permanent crown. After fitting and refitting and refitting, she thought she had it in perfectly and checked the buccal side one more time (that's the tongue side) to discover that they made it wrong. She stuck the temporary back in and called the manufacturer (here in town, and actually just 2 miles from my house) and they promised it will be ready next Thursday. Except, that to remove the temporary, she had to wrestle it out and chipped the top, so now I have a ragged hole in the temp just under my gumline. So I have to chew everything on my right side so that I will not get any food in there. And I can feel it all the time. Crowns are expensive to begin with, and I'm not working right now so have been trying to not buy anything but necessities. Teeth are a necessity. But my palette was so sore from all the pricking and poking to take a second mold for the permanent crown all day yesterday. Woe is me. I accept all sympathetic clucking and tskking and back patting.
  6. Hershey, I am so sorry for you and your family. I hope happy memories dull the pain and loss somehow.
  7. Today was actually kind of wintery for Arizona--overcast, a little rain overnight, blustery wind with clouds scudding across the sky. Of course, now the sun has burned through and the temperature is rising, but it was very enjoyable while it lasted. My sister and i had lunch, and she started talking about putting up her Chirstmas tree soon. Wait, I'm not ready for Thanksgiving yet!
  8. Oh, and thanks everyone, for sending me your acknowledgment emails so fast. You must have been chomping at the bit to get started! :lol
  9. Tiff, if you want to join in, I have no problems with taking JustAddGlitter up on her offer to double swap. I know how fast you can crochet. Just let me know so we can do the official survey passing on stuff.
  10. Hershey, I am so sorry for you and your family. My thoughts and prayers for strength and comfort for all of you. If you need to take some time off, just let me know. The last thing you need to be worried about is a swap deadline. I hope the crocheting provides some peace of mind and a mild distraction if that is what you want or need.
  11. All right, little elves, partners have been assigned. Happy holiday gift hunting and making to all, and to all, a good night (er, afternoon).
  12. Love and prayers for all of you hurting right now. I hope the warm wishes of all of us comfort you.
  13. More ideas: I always like to throw something in for the kids if my partner has little ones. Stickers or a coloring book are always a welcome treat, I think. Right now they have those silly headbands with snowflakes or antlers or whatever on them, which would be cute. One of my swap partners sent me homemade lavender soap, as this was another of her hobbies. What a treat! And, of course, yarn. My stash is finally getting used up, but I often have one leftover skein from a finished project, and we all love to get yarn. Stashbusting and swapping--woot!
  14. For new or returning swappers, here's another trick: On the main swap forum page, up at the time, you will/should see a forum entitled archived swaps. That's where all good swaps go after they have been finished. If you select that tab, you can search on 'Stocking Stuffer.' Go the last page of the swap and surf backwards, and you'll see previous swap packages from that year. The last one I did, I received a sweet red and green stocking that my partner had made, and inside was a blue and white furry commercial stocking (blue is my favorite color). I hung that blue one on my bedroom door last year. ( Red and green was hung in the living room). When Tiffany was my partner, I made her a hexagonal motif stocking in pink, black, and white, as those were her favorite colors, and I remember making her 6 red and white peppermint coasters. I really need to make myself a set of those. Of course, if you start stocking up on stuff now (like hooks, or yarn, a magazine, or whatever), its purchase won't count because our swap won't start until November 1, and it's purchases made after the swap start that counts to our $10 goal. Yup, another work around some of us devised in years past, lol. I don't usually go crazy purchasing beforehand (because I don't know my partner's tastes), but a crochet accessories magazine or stitch markers, for example, usually find their way into my cart before the stocking stuffer swap starts officially.
  15. Well, I'm delighted to see some who haven't swapped for a while join us! So you can get your thinking caps on and your eyes peeled for deals while out and about this week. Remember, we all agreed a few years ago that anything in our stashes (yarn, hooks, material, anything at all) was fair game and not included in the $10 minimum on this swap. So if you took advantage of those after-holiday sales last year, hooray! That's all 'free' by our standards! And we all have seen that holiday items have been in store for several weeks now, including holiday craft magazines. But remember, just because this is what I like to think of as a budget-friendly swap doesn't mean we're cleaning out our junk drawers, lol. Read your partners' survey, email them to ask questions, and general chatting here will help you learn more about your partner to create a great, and first, holiday present. Some ideas for stuffers from stuff we all already have lying around: thread snowflakes or candy canes cosy for a cell phone or book reader or anything else thread or yarn bookmark yarn flower (I like to have one on my cross-body purse) holiday ornament cotton yarn coasters (in red and white, or green and white, or a mix) crocheted santas or elves or reindeer Anyone want to share some great items they have received in Stocking Stuffers from years gone by? Patty
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