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  1. Howdy, happy holiday elves! Just wanted to make sure that everyone hears the Stocking Stuffer Swap is going to start Nov. 1, and sign-ups are open right now. Cruise on over to the Swap Forum in the Crochet Activities board to learn more details about this holiday tradition here on Crochetville. Patty
  2. I love the Ikea hackers webpage, and look at this lovely granny square cover someone put ont heir stool. It's featured right now on the top of the site because it was published today, but here's hoping it inspires some other crocheters before the photo disappears down the scroll. http://www.ikeahackers.net/2014/09/bekvam-stool-crochet-cover.html
  3. I made the Fortune Cookie bag for the 'winner' of the Crochetville Scavenger Hunt, who was beckyb (she found all of the items on the list, master huntress that she is!). It's from the Fall 2009 Interweave Crochet, and was an easy and fun project. The bag is small enough that it could easily be made for a tween or teen girl with just a minor adjustment ont he length of the strap. I dyed it with tea (PG Tips) but used LB Fisherman's Wool and Patons Classic Wool in blue for the stripe. I highly recommend the pattern. Patty Before and after photos: Yikes, sorry they're sideways! iPhone fail
  4. We're offering a band new swap, Knit for Crochet, for the bistitchuals among us! In this swap, we'll be exchanging one knit and one crochet item with our partners. Please hop on over to the Swap Forum and check out the details. I've been trying to figure out a way to combine the two for a swap for two years, and we've finally done it! And I'm so excited! Experience level is no deterrent!
  5. Howdy, fellow Crochetvillers! The Summer Swaps are going live as I type this, and we have a great line up of swaps for you! You can crochet a beautiful shawl, make (or buy) unique stitchmarkers, exchange some wonderful yarn, and yes, even knit for your partner! What could be more fun than sitting by a camp fire, or on the beach, or pool side, and crocheting? Why, crocheting (or knitting) for a new friend, while they create something wonderful for you! The July Swaps are: Shawl Swap Knit for Crochet Stitchmarkers Swap Yarn Swap Stop by the Swap Forum for details on each swap. W
  6. Hi fellow 'Villers! The next round of official Crochetville Swaps will open for sign-ups in about 10 days. If you've not swapped with us before, here is some swap information: Two or three different swaps, with different requirements, are offered every two months. The small swaps have a month-long turn around time, but the larger swaps take place over 6 weeks. Each swap will have a separate thread in the Swap Forum, and will detail all the specifics you need to know (for example, when sign-ups end, when packages need to be mailed, how much money needs to be spent for that swap, what items
  7. Somehow TampaDoll knows magically who should get that month's bag. There's a whole thread for each (as well as a thread with photos of all of the bags she's made) in which she gives clues re: the destination, and people quietly try to guess who is the lucky recipient (it's a surprise, so no one spoils the fun, even if they guess). TampaDoll is our Crochetville fairy godmother. Patty (Bag Lady No. 29, it's my avatar)
  8. Hey everybody, tomorrow, February 28, is the last day to sign up for this round of Crochetville Swaps! We have three swaps set to start March 1: Pet Swap, for all you pet lovers out there ($15 minimum); Amigurumi Swap, for those who love those adorable little figures (an ami and any other little goodies people want to include); and Favorite Color Swap, where swappers will be exchanging packages filled with items in each person's favorite color ($25 minimum). These are three of our most fun swaps. So come join us, make a new friend, and have lots of crocheting fun as we celebrate the arriva
  9. Like FrLopLady, I only answered re: individual patterns that I purchased, and not my IC subscription. Oh well, at least it gives an idea of how many pattern downloads are going on, and they can get subscription info from Interweave.
  10. I've been trying to use up some stash yarn. A neighbor gave me 9 balls of LB PolarSpun in blue, so I'm knitting the second of two garter stitch blankets. Not much else you can do with this boucle-type yarn--it just hides all stitch patterns. But it's light as a feather and nice and cosy warm on my lap. Too bad they discontinued this yarn.
  11. You need to go to the swap forum, and there is a stickied thread, right up there at the top, that's entitled 2014 Crochetville Swaps. Let me know if you're still having trouble seein i t. It's visible to all Crochetville members now, regardless of length of membreship.
  12. Guess what, fellow bistitchuals? We're having a swap in 2014 for crocheters who also like to knit! The 2014 swap schedule just got posted, so check it out to see if any of the swaps, especially this one, are calling you. Patty
  13. Hey, everyone, the swap schedule for next year has just been posted! Stop by--we have the return of some old favorites, like the KISS exchanges, the pet swap, and the tea cozy swap; some new swaps, like a stitchmarker swap, and a new swap for crocheters who also like to knit; and favorites like the purse and tote swap and shawl swap. Sign-ups will start in mid-December for the January swaps, so please stop by the Swap Forum, check out the schedule, leave a comment if you like, and join us for swapping fun next year! On behalf of the wonderful hostesses, we look forward to swapping with you
  14. Adorable! They look kind of similar to ones I made for my mom from a pattern by Julia Vaconsin, but I can't remember if the cuff is the same. They look very soft!
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