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    learned in 1984, dropped until 2002 :)
  1. Hi all -- I just sent out a few PMs to swapees that I don't currently have a status from. I also updated the first post -- it now also lists people who have notified me that they are either shipping late or have shipped a package but I have not been notified that the recipient has received it yet. I marked those people I sent PMs to today to ask for status as well. Please take a look at this list and if you see your name on it anywhere and can give me an update, please send me a PM ASAP. If I need to organize swap angels, I want to do it sooner rather than later! (and anyone is willing to be an angel and create a package for someone else, please send me a PM -- I already have a couple of fantastic people who offered to do this -- I just hope we don't have to!). Please also keep in mind that if you do not hold up your end of the swap agreement, you will be added to the Hall of Shame. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi folks! I just updated the list on the first post -- please take a look and make sure that if you have received a package, that you have thanked your swap partner as well as let me know that you did receive a package. If you have, I have a line through your name on the recipient line. Packages should all be in the mail -- if your package is not in the mail yet and you have not let me know, please do so (those of you who have already let me know, thank you). You should also let your swap partner know as well, it's nicer for them to hear it from you than from me. Also note that packages should arrive by the end of June/beginning of July -- even if a package was mailed out on Thursday last week, sometimes it can take a little time to arrive.
  3. Hi guys! Packages should be in the mail as of yesterday in order for them to arrive by the first of July! Please contact me via PM or email if you have not put the package in the mail yet!! I am going to go through the list this weekend to update it -- right now I realize it is a little out of date (work has been insanely busy this week + I have to come in tomorrow -- ). Thank you for your patience!
  4. xantha

    Spindle help

    At the Joy of Handspinning, there are tons of resources. Here are some videos for how to drop spindle. good luck!
  5. One tip I have for you if you are having trouble drafting while spinning or spindling is to do a lot of predrafting (predrafting video here) before spinning. I spend a fair amount of time predrafting before I spin since I normally can't draft as fast as I'd like to while spinning. Plying with a spindle is much more difficult than plying with a wheel for me! Some people feel the opposite way. When you say that the singles had a lot of twist but the plyed yarn doesn't -- what do you mean exactly? What were you expecting that didn't happen? Your plying looks about right for your singles and I think the black-white yarn looks really cool!
  6. Hi all! Today's the 11th, so you have four days to get your swap packages in the mail! I went through the list here and PMs I have received and I think I got everyone who has received a package -- if you have received a package and do not see your name crossed out on the list in the first post in this thread, please let me know. Also, if you are not going to be able to get your swap package in the mail by Thursday, please let me know NOW. Thanks! Keep it up, I love seeing what everyone is making!
  7. Julie over at BoogaJ (also of Black Sheep Bags) runs a podcast regularly called Stitch-Cast. The most recent episode is on crochet (episode 6), but you may also be interested in the ones on Japanese craft books (episode 5) or the one on spinning (episode 4)! As always, you don't need an ipod to listen to podcasts, just the ability to listen to mp3s either on your computer or on a mobile device.
  8. Hi all! I'm happy to see so many people receiving and mailing out their packages! Keep it up! However, I want to remind everyone that there is now less than two weeks left to finish up your packages and mail them out to your partner. If you are not going to be able to get your package in the mail on/by the 15th of June, please let me know ASAP. Thanks to all -- I am also going to be going through the list on the first post and making sure that I have caught everyone who has received their package this weekend (right now I know it is out of date). Thank you, and enjoy!
  9. wow! you guys are all working hard! everything looks great! I'm back in town and if you have any questions or anything, please feel free to send me an email or PM or post here. I don't think I missed anything... if I did, please point me at it again. It's amazing how much stuff piles up in a week.
  10. Not necessarily! If you want to contact your partner, you can. But you can also keep everything a secret and not talk to them at all! You can contact the person who is making stuff for you if you like, as well. Just remember that the more messages you send them, the less time they have to work on your swap package!
  11. Hi all! I hope you have some good ideas of things to make your swap partner, and I see some of you are already churning out the kitchen/bath stuff! Hooray! If you have any questions to ask your partner, please give them an email or PM. They'd love to hear from you. As for me, I am going to be out of town (and completely offline) from this Friday through Monday the 15th. I won't have access to my email or c'ville at all. If you have any questions during that period, please send me an email/PM but understand that I won't be able to repond until the 15th. If you think your fellow swappers here can help -- post it here! And always, if you have any questions, just let me know. Thanks!
  12. I'll be there all day saturday (but probably not staying for the Spin-In since I will have my mom in tow and I don't really feel like carting Lenny around).
  13. Juli, I forwarded the original message to you again. I did not get a bounce on the original message, so check your spam folders and give me a PM if you don't get it (I can always send it via PM). Everyone else -- please let me know ASAP if you did not get an email with your partner's information!
  14. please check your email for your partner assignment -- if you don't see it, also check your spam folder in case it slipped in there. if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!
  15. I've made the assignments and will have the swap info out in the next hour or so. The assignments are listed on the first post, but they won't do you much good just yet.
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