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    doilies, snowflakes, baby items, afghans, swaps
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    since I was about 7
  1. Thank you so very much to my secret elf!!!:yay:yay Today I received a lovely gift- and I was just thrilled! Inside, I found the cutest CHristmas card (my first one of the season, no less) and 3 Magic Crochet magazines- one of my all time favorite magazines! ! I was absolutely THRILLED (to put it mildly!!) I havent had a chance to thumb through them yet...I am waiting to put the kiddo's to bed, brew a cup of tea, and sit back and enjoy them!! I can hardly wait LOL! Thank you again- secret elf, You have helped get my holiday season off to a fantastic start! I hope you have a blessed and happy holiday as well, Your friend, Courtney
  2. :yay:yayWhat a surprise I recieved in yesterday's mail!!! I was absolutely THRILLED!!!:yay:yay A lovely "fairy" sent me 3, yes 3!!!! back issues of my 2 most favorite magazines: 1 Decorative crochet and 2 Magic Crochet!! My favorite!!! I just cant say how pleased I was to find such a wonderful gift in the mail yesterday! It was such a rainy, dreary day, and I had been having one of the worst migraines- Your thoughful gift was just the thing I needed to bring a little sunshine into the day ! Thank you so much for thinking of me! I am touched by your generosity! I hope you have a wonderful day today! Courtney
  3. WOW!! :cheer:cheerToday I received the coolest vintage Filet Pattern book from a very kind and thoughtful RAOK'r!!!:cheer:cheer It is just packed with absolutely gorgeous patterns, and I was very impressed with the range of difficulty levels - I have already picked out several projects. I was so surprised when I went to the mailbox this morning, seems like all thats been coming our way lately is Bills...bills...and more bills!! Since we moved to our new house, my pattern buying (and thread, hook, etc purchases) have come to a drastic HALT!! It was so nice to indulge in a new set of patterns! It really was a bright spot in my day, and a very thoughtful gesture that I will continue to enjoy for quite some time Thank you so much for thinking of me, you can never know how much your kindness was/is appreciated Courtney
  4. Beautiful work! I made one a few months back and gave it to my mother for Mother's Day! I think it is one of my all time favorite patterns- eventually, I will get around to making another for myself LOL!
  5. Beautiful as always!! I would love to see it up close- Im sure is gorgeous in person, the size 40 thread makes it even better:hook
  6. :manyheart:manyheartWow! Today I was gifted not once, but TWICE!!! I recieved two super holiday gifts and I would love to tell the sender how much I appreciate them both!!!:manyheart:manyheart The first gift was a gorgeous red, beaded windchime!! :clapHow did you know that I adore windchimes??? On top of that, we just moved to a new house, and the windchimes were just the perfect gift! Thank you so much, they are just gorgeous, and I hung them out on my deck where I will enjoy them with my morning coffee (and crocheting of course:hook). The second gift was really neat! It was the premiere issue of a brand new crocheting magazine! I have been so consumed lately with our move, that I didnt even realize that there was a new crochet magazine out- and now I have the PREMIERE issue!! :yayWhat a thoughtful gift! I really appreciate it, and have thoroughly enjoyed looking at it (especially since all of my patterns are currently boxed up somewhere around here LOL) Thank you again for such terrific gifts, they were certainly the highlight of the day and I am touched by your thoughtfulness:hug Courtney
  7. I really like the pattern...I did a wheat doily not too long ago, but I wasnt really pleased with the pattern that I used- your pattern is much better- I am anxious to see the runner when its finished
  8. very pretty- I love the colors that you chose
  9. nice work...definately worth all the trouble
  10. Beautiful as always...I still havent gotten around to picking that book up yet...all of the patterns you have done so far out of that series are just gorgeous
  11. Beautiful I recognize several of the patterns you used..as a matter of fact, several have been on my list to make for some time now...might have to move them up to the top of the list now:hook
  12. LOVE IT!!! One day I'll finally get around to buying that book...I've been wanting to get my hands on it forever
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