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    I have stuck with afghans thusfar. But am looking forward to trying new things.
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  1. Does anyone ever feel as if Bernat had several different people come up with their squares? I have fiddled around with gauge more on this project than any other. My 63 square afghan required minimal hook changes (which is lucky because I was a beginner). I'm just getting cranky about it and wanted to complain somewhere. Back to your normal fun banter
  2. I was so happy to have a regular square with no color changes! I whipped out all 4 in less than 3 hours and was in heaven. Unfortunately I haven't finished the 16 mitred squares. . .
  3. In starting the stripey square I realized I crocheted all 8 V-stitch sqaures in the wrong color I can't believe I didn't look at my color key before starting them! It was annoying to make 8 the first time! Yes, I'm whining a lot, but I'll just redo them. With an excessive amount of grumbling.
  4. I'm semi-tempted. But how do you know what colors to pick? I like a little more planning. This project would stretch me beyond my comfort level of having total control
  5. Brandy, My name is Jen and I vote for the first square (with the yellow in the center). I like the dark blue a lot! That square is really cool! Jen
  6. AJ, You're making amazing progress from my vantage point. It almost makes me want to do a prairie star myself! Keep it up!!! :cheer
  7. :eek :eek That is amazing and ridiculous all at the same time!!! I can't imagine doing ALL of those yoyo's in a year. I'd be etc.
  8. To those who asked: Originally the pattern called for 15 squares (3 x 5) but I was worried the afghan wouldn't be wide enough so I'm going to aim for 20 squares (4 x 5). Of course maybe I'll get 3 strips of 5 squares together and figure it's good enough? I did not make any progress last night as I was taking calls for a pledge drive here at the local PBS station. They were selling DVDs of the recent taping of the Antiques Roadshow in Bismarck. It was fun to hear the tales of people who had gone! One woman even had her shirt signed by the Keno brothers while she was wearing it! She sounded pretty enthusiastic too
  9. Here is one quilt square. I completed 4 this weekend!
  10. Julie, "Lynn , I'll do it if you will . DEAL OR NO DEAL ? Note to self :Need to get a shorter haircut if I'm gonna keep using that line . " You crack me up! :lol I have finished 2 of 20 squares! (It only took me 2+4+2=8?, yes 8 hours to do so--so what is that? 4x18 hours left?). So I'm 10% done already! I'm taking my time to weave in all ends as I go because I would go crazy trying to do them all at the end. It's great to see so many people joining up!
  11. Dazy, The yarn colors match your bedspread perfectly! Jen
  12. Shelly, That sounds pretty cool until the joining Central Illinois? I went to college in Galesburg! (also amongst the corn) Jen
  13. Shelly, That Drunkard afghan looks so cool! Is it hard to put the curve in a square? I have a hard time imagining how it works?
  14. Ok I found a quilt block that looks similar: http://www.quilterscache.com/A_C/ChildrenofIsraelBlock.html But instead of the white rectangles in the middle of the blue field my square has those rectangles completely blue and then the corners of those blue rectangles have white squares... I'm sure that last sentence was more than a little confusing. As soon as I finish a square I'll just take a picture. Julie, Believe me I do NOT need any more blue and white plates My place is lousy with them (they are even on my walls!)
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