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  1. Wow Lynn those are all so beautiful, what a fantastic job you did on all of them!!!
  2. Yes to all of the above! How did you know KnicKnac that I now have more scraps then I have actual yarn?! Not yet sure of my approach but I think I will be making a ton of squares. I made a little button to get us going...
  3. Finished! It came out pretty good, I like to call it my sunshine baby blanket. It will be donated to Warm the World sometime this month. It is #7 out of my 25 things for charity in 2006. It was fun to make, thanks to Barb for starting this CAL.
  4. One more strip, only 5 to go... I might just finish this baby blanket this year .
  5. Some more ankle socks done! I love making crochet ankle socks. My hook and I have become very good friends:hook . Texpan...lovely socks, they look so comfy!
  6. Thanks everyone for the compliments! Jackie...I am making a baby blanket for charity but I think I might make a bag too! Because I am trying to avoid writing my papers for class I have been playing on my computer and I made a couple more buttons for the CAL... Thanks again Barb for starting it!
  7. Hi there Clocke- Actually the Dancing yarn from Knit Picks is Sock Weight, really light, prefect for ankle socks.
  8. Maria your dishcloth came out so great! Neat colors.
  9. Two strips done and 8 more to go! The colors remind me of Thanksgiving. I decided to weave the ends in and sew them together as I go because experience tells me that if I do not then the blanket either will never be put together or all the ends will be hanging out. This is a fun project, thanks Barb for putting this together.
  10. Hope everyone is having a great day so far. So I have decided that I am going to make a baby size blanket mosting DC strips 3 inches wide 30 inches long in various yellow and off white colors to be donated to Warm the World (and number 7 in my 25 things for charity this year).
  11. Here are my second pair of crochet socks. They were crocheted on a D hook with one ball of Knit Picks Dancing Yarn in the color Ballet. They are ankle socks that are a mixture of single and half double.
  12. Well the K2 P2 rib stitch does make a nice cuff and if you are using wool it probably would be better to knit the socks but if you use a yarn like Knit Picks Dancing Yarn (41% Cotton, 39% Wool, 13% Nylon, 7% Elastic) no matter what stitch they are a nice fit. Half double and double make a nice cuff in this yarn...
  13. Has anyone seen the frolicking slipper pattern from Crochet Me? http://www.crochetme.com/frolicking Aren't they cute does anyone want to do an along, I imagine they will be a nice quick crochet.
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