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Lets Do A Round Ripple Together

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I use Lyn's RR pattern when I make the afghan so this is a variation of her pattern - with a split! I made a second one (for my Mom) and wrote the pattern down as I went along this time. All you seaso

Its beautiful!!! Well done I think I would keep it too! ;-)

made this one for a coworker whose wife is expecting a boy this month.

Posted Images

I feel so guilty that I abandoned my RR when I was almost done.


It just got so big that it's so hard to carry and also in the middle of the summer it was kinda hot having that big blanket on me.


I should pick up on it soon, now that we're starting to get some cold fronts.


I'll get back to show you guys.

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Everyone's RR's are so pretty.

Great job everyone :clap:clap

I had to stop on my RR's for a while. I had orders for scarves I had to get done. Then I decided to make myself a shawl. So now I guess I better get back to my RR's.

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I am more than a little slow in posting this but here it is finally.:blush I have links to three pics here. The first (the pink and purple rr, is the one I am doing for my niece, mentioned in my siggy it just needs ends weaved in and the shell edging. The second pic is a rr I started on Saturday, Nov 3, for my great niece ( the shower mentioned in my siggy was for her), born Oct. 6, but we did the shower a little late. The third pic is of the little one on top of the pink and purple, I just wanted to note the size difference. The bed in the background is a queen size bed. The pink/purple is for a 5 year old, so I wanted it to be big enough to snuggle up in. The small one is not finished, as you can see, I used bernat softee baby (her jeans ombre, 2 strands h hook) and sayelle white. I have run out of the bernat, so I am trying to figure out what to substitute. May have to see if I can find more of the yarn online, this is some of that yarn that amazon had on sale earlier this year for I think 80 cents. Sorry this post is so long, thanks for looking. :)





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Judy....that sure is pretty...I love those colors....cant wait to see it complete....

Valerie....really cute...the colors are nice and soft....looks nice and warm...nice work.

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I just picked up a WIP RR that I had to put down for a while so I could get some orders done. Once I figured out what size hook I was using (my hook size marker fell off somehow), I was happily crocheting along when I realized I had mistakes in the previous row. Some of the points had 2DC ch2 2DC, and others had 1DC ch2 1DC. It is a row of 2DC ch2 2DC. I had to rip out the row to make it right.


I hate it when that happens. I put a new hook size marker on it, and away I go again :hook

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Everybody's RR's are so nice - I decided to do one for my daughter Emily who just got her own apartment this year. Since her decor will be changing, I used a cream color Simply Soft with 2 strands and an N hook. It went very quickly and I'm so proud that I finished something BIG!:)


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