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    charity items: preemie burial gowns
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  1. I'm looking for a pattern I saw in here a few years ago. It was a crocheted baby blanket but attached to the middle was a crocheted 3-D monster. The monster was really, really cute. I think the pattern was being sold somewhere. I've done a search in here but came up empty. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
  2. Super square! I like the idea of something for his sister. I've been away from Crochetville the last couple of weeks. If another ghan is being considered I'm in since I missed the ball on this one.
  3. What's the status on this? I've been out of Crochetville for a bit and was worried I'd missed something.
  4. Good question. FPDC and BPDC. Didn't quite get the hang of the stich. Made something else. Just tried again with another pattern and was able to do FPDC, FPTC, BPDC, and BPTC. If I can't do somthing then I try a different yarn or a different pattern. I like challenges and with crocheting there is always something else to try!
  5. Welcome! :clap:clap It's great in here!
  6. Super scarf. I like your color choices and am now thinking about how I can better use the yarns in my stash. Thanks for the sharing the great ideas!
  7. I can't believe that you had such a beautiful vacation and got to crochet too! WOW! Thanks for sharing. Great pictures and nice work!
  8. That's a wonderful idea. I'm in for a square but wonder what size if it is a go. Please keep us posted.
  9. Nice work and great color! I love berets and you did a super job. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I've been going through my 2 binders the last week and can't find some great patterns that I apparently had not printed out in an effort to save ink! Can you hear me screaming inside of my head right now??? Now I print them as I find them - but I'm sensible about it. It's easy to go crazy and print all the pretty pictures and patterns! Good for you for having the ink to do it!!!! You have fun days of crocheting ahead of you. :clap:clap
  11. That's why I have multiple projects going at once! I have an afghan in process that I started at the beginning of the summer. I took it out the other day and was impressed by how much I had done in the past. Did I continue to work on it? Nope. Had to finish something else and start something else and so on. It never ends.
  12. I didn't participate this last year but I did like the idea and the unique list of charities. There were some that I would not have heard about otherwise.
  13. I made my own binder of patterns found online. That's the one I keep reaching for when I want to make something new. The other day I sorted out my pattern books and yarn stash. I realized then that the binder is my ultimate pattern reference. I use it more than any of my books. Good question.
  14. That is gorgeous! I had saved that chart ages ago and come across it from time to time in my pattern stash. It looks so challenging and I'm not up for that kind of project yet. Good for you for getting it done! I'm impressed. Congratulations!
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