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  1. That is so pretty- your colors are wonderful!
  2. Having fun making hats - the owl for my one year old grandson, the zebra for my 6 year old granddaughter and the "Santa" hats for my soon to be twin great nieces And, I would like to thank Repeat Crafter Me for her free patterns - love them!
  3. I made this for my grandson. It was soooo easy and I am very happy with it - especially since my husband knew right away what it was supposed to be! P.S. I used "Repeat Crafter Me's" free pattern but did my own color thing with what I had in my stash. Loved her website! Thank you!
  4. Beautiful! Great job! Thanks for posting!
  5. That would look really nice - I'm sure!
  6. Here is a little better picture of the colors - I used Hobby Lobby yarn
  7. I watched my grandson all day yesterday, so I was able to make him a new hat and keep trying it on to get the correct fit. This was a fun, easy pattern - the Cheri Hat by Jennie Harrell. I especially like that it is worked in the round and doesn't have a seam going up the back of it. I used Red Heart baby yarn instead of the cotton that she calls for in the pattern, and it worked out great! Thanks Jennie! (Oh - and no flower - but that would be so cute for a little girl!)
  8. Just finished my Colorburst Granny Afghan- my January/Feb project. I found a video on YouTube for this, and had fun doing it.
  9. Leah, your hat looks great! I also made up my own version of this hat but I am having trouble getting the buckle to look right- could you share how you did the buckle? Thank you!
  10. Here is my grandson sporting his new football beanie. I did put the "thread marks" on the hat, but it's a little big right now, so my daughter-in-law rolled up the brim and you can't see them. Anyway, it's very cute, and I think the pacifier is a "must have" for the complete look! I got the free pattern here: http://www.jennyandteddy.com/2012/06/football-hat/ - but I didn't make the earflaps.
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