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  1. Cheryl I am just starting my first one but what I did was measure from the floor to my armpits and got a guide as far as how many rows I need to do before I do the arms. As far as the tube thing goes it is open on the back just like the one on the TV. That much I do know for sure I know reading the directions when I get that far I will need some help the lady that started this thread I do believe is the one that has already done a bunch of them. If you don't get a reply thru here im sure you can email her thru this board and she would get it sooner. I hope I helped a little bit.
  2. Yea I started after of course I put the border on my shawler so Im excited I only got to row 5 and plan on working on it tonite I think it should go pretty fast cuz I dont need to count so that makes it easier for me.
  3. Okay hopefully its not to late for me to join, I found the redheart pattern gonna look at the bernat one, I have all my yarn just trying to figure out how many ounces its gonna take I have 7 skeins of painted desert and the L hook so im anxious to work on this. I think it should go pretty fast at least for the body of it I may have trouble once I get to the top cuz some of that isnt makin sense to me at the moment so I may have lots of questions when I get there though. Im gonna get started on it right away thanks ladies.
  4. Thanks dewbaby im gonna go look at it and see if I have enough yarn in one color to join so I'll be back later.
  5. Can someone tell me if I can find this one the redheart website and what it would be under. I need to come up with something for xmas as well and have tons of left over yarn. Thank you in advance.
  6. dewbaby yours looks great i love the colors as well.
  7. Very pretty Mel and Judi, I started one on friday using up one pounders ihave laying around, its in cream, lace, taupe and coffee, its going pretty fast so far not sure how big i will make it yet I guess til I run out of yarn. Ill post a pic this week.
  8. Oh ladies so many ghans poppin up they are all gorgeous. I love all of them. Sue congrats on the new baby girl coming.
  9. Oh my ladies all of your ripples are gorgeous you have all done a fabulous job with them.
  10. Rachel, I made mine for my neices and they are all older so I believe that I made mine about 32-36 rows I guess it depends on the hook size you use. I know some ladies have made them to cover a queen size bed and not sure how many rows was for that. I basically stood up put one point on the floor and then held it up to me to see if I thought it was big enough or not LOL.
  11. Priszm the varigated was by wintuk ombres called summer breeze, then caron one pounders lilac and then just white. Thanks for all the compliments ladies. It feels good to see something accomplished usually i feel like my UFO list is bigger than my finished list. LOL.
  12. Here are the other ones I got done for Christmas.
  13. Shelly both of those look great. Michelle oh my homespun? It is a very pretty yarn but as for crocheting with it I cant get thru the first row, each time I have tried it Ive screwed it up big time not sure why, although I did start to knit with it and that I can do LOL.
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