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    I just got my first tattoo as a birthday gift from my son. I will be 51..lol!
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    Puerto Rico
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    crochetville and crocheting
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    referre to my grand kids
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    about 10 yrs.
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    afghans and things for Kelly
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  1. irikel

    C2C baby blanket (corner to corner)

    Apak...its no special pattern , its just a c2c (corner to corner)
  2. I posted this c2c baby blanket yesterday but I thought it needed something so this is what I did to it ....I sold it as soon as it went up !!!
  3. irikel

    C2C baby blanket (corner to corner)

    Well this is what I ended up doing to the blanket ! (and it sold as soon as I put it up)
  4. irikel

    Baby flip flops

    These are so cute !
  5. I just finished this C2C and it was quick and easy to make.
  6. irikel

    Baby Converse

    Just in case anyone likes them and would want to give them a try .....
  7. irikel

    Baby Converse

    Converse for Newborn .
  8. irikel

    A couple more potholders

    Thank you ladies !
  9. irikel

    A couple more potholders

    A couple more holders
  10. irikel

    Just finished this potholder

    Oh Lord it is a very ,very poor translation.
  11. irikel

    Fresh off the hook, Baby dress

    Thank you ladies ...im sorry...I just made it as I went
  12. irikel

    Just finished this potholder

    Thank you very much ladies ...this is where I got the pattern ....Sorry it is in spanish but , there is a step by step. I hope you find it useful. http://xjimenachile.blogspot.com/2010/06/frutillas-toma-olla.html
  13. It was fast and easy to make .
  14. irikel

    Shelly Romper from Etsy

    Cute , cute ,cute !