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    husband and I are retired
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    crocheting,gardening,flea mrkts
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    Afghans, scarfs,
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  1. SouthernJudy

    Any Afghan CAL

    I have never made a Granny stripe afghan before but I seen these in here and I may just have to join in lol I will be in touch.
  2. SouthernJudy

    Lets Do A Round Ripple Together

    I like it, it's very pretty. Great way to use all the extra yarn. I'm glad you have joined us we have a lot of fun sharing our RR. I have to warn you tho they are very addictive lol I have made several but I don't have of my own lol I have gave them all as gifts. I have always enjoyed making and giving to others. So glad to have you here.
  3. SouthernJudy

    Lets Do A Round Ripple Together

    You can join in anytime you like I never really had a dead line on this one. We all just really enjoy making these RR and so we just keep going. So if you like just join in and I will try to keep this bumped up so were noticed :-) Have fun and Post a picture when your done we would love to see it....
  4. SouthernJudy

    5-10 point starburst round ripple (RoseRed's design)

    So very pretty!! Great job, it really adds to the center.
  5. SouthernJudy

    Tea Party Table Topper

    Can I ask where I may find this pattern? It's so pretty.
  6. SouthernJudy

    Sunset Bag (Received By Kraftynkrazy)

    Congrats from me too :-)
  7. SouthernJudy

    Delightful Doilies... COMPLETED

    waaa!!! no pictures
  8. SouthernJudy

    Crochetville 2011 Kitchen Swap! -Completed

    I just love seeing the pictures of the swaps you girls do. I have only been in one swap but i get a lot of great ideas for gifts in my family seeing all your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them.
  9. SouthernJudy

    C’Ville June 2011 Tote

    Congrats to Nicole!!!!!!!!!!
  10. SouthernJudy

    A Pen for June! Delivered!!!!!!!!!!

    Very pretty, I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Ink color Humm, let the twin pick if i'm the lucky winner. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Congrats to the lucky winners :-)
  12. SouthernJudy

    Sunset Bag (Received By Kraftynkrazy)

    Oh thats so pretty, please add me to your list for the tote. Love the colors great summer tote. It's perfect for ME!!! hehehehe thanks agin for sharing with us.
  13. SouthernJudy

    Summer Mystery CAL

    I'm In on this one, it will be fun :-)
  14. SouthernJudy

    crochet tote addicts CAL

    Morning ladies, Thank you for all yours prayers and hugz, were doing fine here weather wise a little cloudy today but no more storms, YAY!!!! I think if this weather don't get better we will all have to invest in boats lol Sue, maybe a fire truck for you. Sorry your not getting any rain. We will all share with you :-) Not much crocheting going on for me today as I will be doing shopping for the weekend for BBQ BUT!!! I will be going to hobby lobby hehehehe. Take care, see you later in the day.
  15. SouthernJudy

    Purse/Tote Angel Found Completed

    Hi ladies, I hope your all safe tonight and not having bad weather. I'm excited I got a call from my son this evening and he told me they are coming to visit over this long weekend. So it will be BBQ time for me this weekend. !!!