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  1. ruby51

    Floral Relief Afghan

    Your afghan is a real treasure!!!
  2. ruby51

    Finished another....

    Very nice colors!!
  3. ruby51

    Wool Eater Afghan

  4. ruby51

    Blueberry Delight Hexagon

    Very pretty colors
  5. ruby51

    Hello hello!

    from Indiana!! :dog
  6. ruby51

    Greetings from So Calif

    WELCOME!! I hope you enjoy your time here.
  7. Welcome to the board Julia
  8. ruby51

    Country Throw strips

    Very nice!!
  9. ruby51

    Charity afghans

    Adorable afghans!!
  10. ruby51

    fall colors afghan

    Fall is my favorite season so I love your afghan!!
  11. ruby51

    I finished the Orchid/black Ripple afgan!

    Very pretty
  12. ruby51

    Crochet as survival skill in Italian quake

    That is just AMAZING!! Yay for crochet
  13. ruby51

    My Irish Lace Scarf

    Very pretty!!
  14. ruby51

    "Chocolate Mint" RR Afghan Finished at Last!

    Beautiful colors!!
  15. ruby51

    My 1st Ruffled Baby Blanket

    Your blanket is STUNNING!!!