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  1. I have been mia for a while now....I forgot to post one ween and that quickly turned into several more, so I am going to try and catch it all up It seems I haven't been doing a good job of keeping up with things but we will give it a shot. I did purchase 2 skeins of yarn for a class, it meets one of my exceptions but still counts so -4 I have been doing quite a bit of stitching finishing the shawlette I currently have blocking, making socks, preemie hats, blanket squares, a cowl, leg warmers and some amigurumi. skeins used 6: +12 balls used 4:+4 So the grand total WTD: +12
  2. no purchases this week although I was a bit tempted.... but on the positive side I sold 5 skeins of yarn on ravelry and have used 4 skeins making squares for an afghan. Lots of other projects on the hook and needles so hopefully next week's total will be positive as well. This cold sheep thing is not easy but I am glad I haven't caved in yet. I do have to admit the fact that my family and knit/crochet groups don't think I can hold out, is a little extra motivation, lol. so this week's total; WTD: +18
  3. forgot to post last week. My "cold sheep" continues....no skeins purchased. I did finish a shawl and start an afghan. I managed to use up one skein and one ball so.... WTD:+3
  4. a little progress this week used 1 skein this week.......so WTD:+2
  5. a little progress this week. I finished the pair of socks I was working on, using up all but a small ball of yarn that I used to make up a square for an afghan made out of sock yarn scraps. I also finished off another skein on the shawl I am about 6 rows from finishing. I didn't make any purchases....although I was seriously tempted, I did a bit of looking online but my will power held out. So the cold sheep continues.... so for this week: WTD: +4
  6. Making squares to donate to michaels, +2 so far. The weather caused a small turnout on the 25 of jan. So since they are collecting squares until feb 15, still time to make more. My local store is planning another joining party as well.
  7. Just a bit of stitching this week. No purchases. Still taking it one day at a time, its difficult when so much is on sale, but hanging on. Did use 2 skeins on the shawl i am just about finished with. So WTD: +4
  8. got a little bit of stitching done this week and have so far stayed on my yarn diet. Although let me tell you the temptation is all around.......I used up two balls on squares for warm up america (michaels had a joining party this afternoon). Working on socks....three pair in the works, one finished sock in two of the three pairs (the skeins are 50 gram). so my totals of the week are WTD:+4 YTD:+4
  9. I want to join again this year. Hopefully my scores will be a lot different from last year. I am going "cold sheep" this year. I know that there will be times when I need a skein to finish a project, and I do plan buy from knit picks if they do their big sale for cyber monday but I really want to get this out of control stash more manageable.. I have a bit of extra incentive, my family and both of my knit/crochet groups actually laughed at me when I said I was going on a yarn diet for 2014. So, when I get we I will have to remember they think I won't do this, lol.
  10. I didn't do as well as I had hopes for at the beginning of the year, but keeping track of my purchases over the last year has made me more aware of just how much yarn I purchase. So this CAL has been fun and educational at the same time......... I am planning on "going cold sheep" in 2014. I realize there will be times when I need to purchase a skein to finish a project, but I do not plan to buy just to be buying in 2014. It's going to be a challenge, but I want to try to get it under control. I do plan to stock up if knit picks does their big sale on black friday/cyber monday but no imp
  11. gifted 15 skeins this afternoon, plus used one for a cowl. so a positive score this week!! WTD:+32
  12. scores of the week ending December 14, 2013 Gold Medal..................Addicted2patterns +12 Silver Medal................Braxxi +10 Bronze.........................Shining_Star +6 using up yarn Just-in +4 Pineknott +3 Pblknp +2 Holding steady Bigpinkpolkadot 0 Greyhound Grandma 0 Prettywoman030981 0 playing with new yarn mva5493 -7 and the baton has been passed........ Shoot the Moon Winner Crabby r
  13. the rest of my yarn is at the post office so I will claim it this week...... 10 skeins purchased........-20 7 balls used on dh's afghan +7 2 skeins used on a cowl +4 1 skein used on a hat +2 so totals, WTD: -7
  14. i missed the two balls.... you are right..thanks...so my edited total would be -32....
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