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    I am a mom to 3 (2 boys and a girl) and a grandma to 1 grandson. We have 2 cats
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    Near Cincinnati In A Pile Of Yarn
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    Crochet, Jewelry Making, Reading
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    Media Specialist, Mom and Grandma
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    Scarves, Afghans and now Thread
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    Learned in 197?, quit in 1992, started again in 2006

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  1. Gorgeous RR Judy! And congrats on getting paid for it!
  2. Been busy and haven't posted in a while. You all have been busy! What beautiful RR's you have made. Wonderful job everyone Here is my latest RR. I made it with LB Microspun yarn. It splits like crazy and really slows you down, but it is so soft. click me for close up and details Oops, just noticed I left the stitch marker and hook size marker on the RR.
  3. Jump right in. It may get a little slow here sometimes, but there is always someone making a RR. Be warned, they are extremely addictive Can't wait to see it. Is this one being done in Homespun?
  4. I made a 2 strand RR Rug for Hilly last week. Had to only work on it while she was gone, since it is going to be a Christmas present. I haven't been able to take pictures of it completed yet, but do have one when it was half done. Guess I will share that until I get a pic of it completed. clickable for details
  5. Angie, that is very pretty. Can't wait to see it finished.
  6. Marycathie, those are beautiful. Great Job!! I am making a 2 strand RR rug for Hilly for Christmas. I won't get it done as fast as usual since I can't work on it when she is here.
  7. Thanks everyone. I love the blue and white one too. I made one for Nancy last year with the same yarn and had enough to make one for ME. It was my mindless project......I would work on it when I couldn't decide what to make or if I got stuck on something. Now I have to decide what my next mindless project will be I haven't decide where the baby one will be going to. Probably a NICU, just have to decide where.
  8. I finished up 2 RR's this week. One is a Baby RR and the other is MY RR. Baby Spring Meadow RR Baby Spring Meadow RR Close UP MY RR All pics clickable for larger pic and details.
  9. I am hoping to have my latest one done today or tomorrow
  10. Thank you. I used Red Heart Super Saver (RHSS). The colors are watercolor (the variegated), Pale Plum and Dark Orchid.
  11. Now don't you start too You ladies have me making things and planning things I never thought I would. Plus, I don't have any homespun at the moment. Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it
  12. Very pretty Judy. I bet it is so soft and warm. One of these days I will attempt one in Homespun. Well done dear (as usual)
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