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  1. LegalWoman17

    Baby afghan

    My latest baby afghan. Colors are: ILTY in tropical pink and cream (although the cream looks very yellow).
  2. It's beautiful !
  3. Mary Jo, your table is so cute !!!
  4. Incredibly cute . . .
  5. Hello, everyone. Just wondering if anyone has made plans for their 2020 crocheting. If not for the whole year, do you have any projects planned for the first month or two? My first project will be a round ripple baby afghan for my cousin's granddaughter. The second project will be a rumpled ripple afghan. Crochet hugs to everyone !
  6. And if you don't have a baby, just imagine all the YARN that would hold.
  7. Bailey, keep in mind that Hobby Lobby has their yarn on sale for 30% off every other week. That's when I buy yarn from them.
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