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  1. Finally have a bit of cooler weather. No plans for the weekend except to stay in where it's cool and crochet. Everyone, have a good day.
  2. Just stopping in to say hello, which I don't do very often. Another terribly hot day is predicted here in St. Louis. I've been working on a lapghan using the colors red and black. Also a scarf called the "Internal Chaos" scarf. Very fun. Uses triple crochet stitch. Hope everyone is staying cool.
  3. Hello everyone. Mary Jo, how is the knee? I'm waiting for the plumber today.
  4. Beautiful !! Love the pastel color combination for a baby.
  5. All of them are very pretty. I'm sure they will be appreciated. 😀
  6. Very pretty, Mary Jo. You are so talented.
  7. Absolutely lovely !
  8. Hi everyone. I'm not here to ask for help, but to hopefully offer an idea for those pesky ends we all dread weaving in. This is a video about how to crochet the ends into your project. Hope you find it useful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=RQ5p32JvXZ8&app=desktop
  9. Great baby set. I want to come live at your house. It is full of crochet happiness.
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