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  1. The weather has warmed up enough that today I can get out to run errands. Grocery store, UPS and WalMart. Yes, it's an exciting life that I lead. LOL LOL
  2. The variegated yarn is I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby and the color is called City Beat. The solid color is navy blue. The variegated has blue, yellow, a bit of a peach or salmon color. Goes great with the navy blue.
  3. Just beautiful, May Jo. I love the yellow/orange doily.
  4. The latest hat and scarf from my hook. Think I'm going to start something else other than hats and scarves.
  5. Hello everyone. Not much to say. We are expecting some light snow today. Hope everyone has a great crochet day.
  6. Here is a link for the hat: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cool-beans-hat Here is the link for the scarf: https://thecrochetcrowd.com/crochet-bean-stitch-tutorial/
  7. Since discovering the bean stitch, I just can't stop making hats and scarves using the stitch.
  8. It is the same website, but I followed her rumpled ripple scarf pattern, making it wider. Wish I had seen this baby one first, would have saved me a lot of counting/multiplying. THanks for posting the pattern.
  9. The pattern is actually for a scarf. I just used the multiple to make it into an afghan. Here is the pattern link. http://katiecooksandcrafts.blogspot.com/2015/03/rumpled-ripple-scarf-pattern.html
  10. Mary Jo, so happy to hear you are finished with the clinic.
  11. Just finished this afghan about 1:30 am today. The yarn is Hobby Lobby's Forest Green (solid) and Birdsong (variegated) which has shades of green, blue and some cream color.
  12. Been awhile since I've been around. Running errands today. I've been working on an afghan as well as more of the bean stitch scarves and matching hats. Hopefully I will have some pictures to share later this week. Cold and rainy here. Typical autumn weather in St. Louis.
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