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  1. Wow! time flies! I first responded to this thread over a year ago. I soak the items to be stiffened in the 1:1 solution of Epsom Salt and water. Lay them out (or pin to block depending on the shape needed). This works very well for me. It produces a VERY stiff fabric.
  2. I recently discovered using Epsom Salts and water - a 1:1 mix produces a very stiff fabric with no discoloration.
  3. Welcome to Crochetville from another guy. You'll find this is the friendliest place on the web for crocheters. As you know, crochet is not a feminine skill, just a skill. Can't wait to see some of your crochet!
  4. I discovered a graphic pattern for this soccer hat. I knew I had to make one for my granddaughter. The crown is a combination of hexagons and pentagons. The brim is my own design, since the pattern site didn't show any info on that. Excuse the fuzzy picture - taken with my cellphone. I know she liked it - she wore it the rest of the day, to bed that night and all the next day.
  5. I'm making my wife her second "Crocheted Cardigan" from Mary Maxim: http://www.marymaxim.com/crocheted-cardigan.html The first one was done in off-white, like the model on the Mary Maxim web site. The next one will be black.
  6. Great idea! I like the crocodile stitch and this is a great use of it.
  7. Well, here's what I do: Like you, with granny squares, for example, I'll crochet over the tail of the previous color for a few stitches. When I'm finished with the next color (or the granny square) I'll go back with a tapestry needle and reverse directions (at least once) weaving the end back in the direction it came from. I also use some tacky glue (I think that's what it's called) and put a little tension on the end before putting a SMALL dab of glue before cutting the end and stretching the fabric back over the end. Hope this makes sense. I'm sure there are instructional
  8. Welcome from another male who crochets to the friendliest spot on the web! Like the others, I'd love to see some of your work.
  9. Couldn't have said it better! Welcome
  10. Richard - welcome from another male who crochets. You'll find it very friendly and helpful here (with lots of opportunities for new projects!)
  11. Whoa! That is one BIG RR. Great job sticking with it.
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