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2017 Stashbusting CAL


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Hi everyone!!! This week I made the Josefina elephant rug for my cousin. It holds 3 strands together for the majority of the pattern, so I got some stash busted!! :lol 7 skeins and 2 balls of yarn total for that project (+16). I also made a few preemie hats and finished a ball with that (+1).

I also had my momma visiting from out of state this week. She is FINALLY moving here next month and we spent a lot of time setting dates and finalizing plans and figuring logistics out. I am going to be SO HAPPY when she's finally here!!! 

I will say, these elephant patterns are really cute when they're finished, but I am so happy to be done with them and on to my previously planned items! I have worked on 3 big projects this month and finished two of them, but I'm used to having many more completed items each month and it's kind of messing with me lol.

WTD: +17

YTD: +286

Looking forward to knocking out more preemie hats and some hats & scarves for Operation Gratitude next week!! July is the last month I'll be doing them for this year, as the triplet momma I'm friends with is doing the donation to the NICU her babies gradutated from in August for their birthday, and I'm giving her all the stuff I've made this year. Also, the Operation Gratitude items all need to have labels tied onto them (each individual item) and have to be mailed off to the charity so they have time to get everything distributed into the holiday packages for the soldiers overseas, and I have no idea what kind of turn around time they have lol so I'm just going to send them off in August too.

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I spent most of the past week planning for and holding my spouse's 65th birthday bash, so I didn't get much done.  I'm hoping to get more done on the Crochet-Along for Mary Maxim, which I need to finish.  So:

Stashbuster Total: WTD 0  YTD +38


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Scores for the week ending 6/24/17:

Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +17

Silver Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa +7

Bronze Medal Winner: greyhoundgrandma +4

howieann +2

pineknott +1


KaylaKitsa 0

Great job, everyone! Another week with no negatives!

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YTD scores for the end of June:

Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +286

Silver Medal Winner: pineknott +81

Bronze Medal Winner: greyhoundgrandma +42


howieann -81

KaylaKitsa -92

June's Shoot the Moon Winner: MalisaMeesa -627

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I finished the mermaid tail but didn't use up any more yarn. I've started on a baby blanket now.


We've got the two GDs combined birthday party tomorrow--they'll be 2 and 4--so I'm planning to post the scores first thing tomorrow morning.

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There was a bit of backsliding this week!  I had to buy two more skeins to finish the crochet-along, so:

Stashbuster Total: WTD -4  YTD +34

:devil :D

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Happy Sunday everyone!

This week I finally got back to working on my Mandala Madness that I'd started at the beginning of June, only to realize I'd lost all motivation to work on it anymore. I hadn't counted up any of the yarn I'd used for it yet, intending to count it all when I finished. So, basically I finished the section I was on and counted it done lol. Managed to complete 52 rows out of over 100. Used 14 balls (+14)

I also used 2 balls making preemie hats (+2) and a skein making a hat and scarf for Operation Gratitide (+2). And, one of my church friends saw the pictures I'd posted of the Josefina elephant pillow & rug I made my cousin and has commissioned the pillow for her expected little one, so I had to buy a skein of yarn (-2).

WTD: +16

YTD: +302

I'm sick as anything right now but I hope to feel better and knock out this pillow so I can do other projects soon!

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Scores for the week ending 7/1/17:

Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +16

Silver Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa +10

Bronze Medal Winner: KaylaKitsa +3

howieann +1

greyhoundgrandma 0

Shoot the Moon Winner: PBLKNP -4

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Oh my...AGAIN!  I will do my duty next week. However, I did order 2 more skeins.  I'm going to be making another baby sweater. 

I am hoping that I'll use up another skein on the very tardy Crochet-Along afghan. The Mary Maxim posts ended a few weeks ago, but I got behind. I'm on the last two squares. 

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The new yarn hasn't arrived yet, and I managed to use up another skein on the Crochet-Along.  I'm in the process of crocheting borders around the squares now.  Thankfully, I did do some of this as I went along, but I still have about 10 more squares to put borders on!  I haven't counted all the squares, but they're currently taking up all the space on the desk in my office/yarn room.  I have a feeling this is going to be an ENORMOUS afghan... :D

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I was doing so good this week! But a commissioned piece paired with a good coupon at Michael's sunk me!

This week I finished my second Josefina elephant pillow, which was ordered by a friend at church who is literally due any second to have her first daughter. I'm so thankful that she wanted me to make this for her baby, but I definitely need a break from elephants for a bit lol. I used up 1 skein and 4 balls on that (+6). Then I went back to making gifts for a friend's kids...she's got 4 kids so I'm not giving anything to anyone until they're all completed. I had already made a baby doll, but this week I made the soft baby basket, as well as a hat and blanket for the baby. I used Caron Cakes for this set, because the little girl it's going to loves pretty rainbow yarn and I figured that qualifies lol. The basket held 3 strands together. I used up a total of 3 skeins for the set (+6).

THEN...another friend asked me to make a turtle beach blanket for her daughter for a Christmas gift. I know if I don't do it now, I will forget until the absolute last minute and I don't want to leave her hanging, so I decided I'd start it tomorrow....then I saw there was 20% off everything that ended today at Michaels and I had a 40% off coupon that was expiring today and....I just couldn't justify paying full price for the same yarn tomorrow just to end the week on a positive score lol...had to buy 9 skeins (-18). I've already started working on this project and it will be my focus this week, so I'm hoping to burn through the new yarn quickly!

WTD: -6

YTD: +296

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Well, I guess this is it for responses, so here we go!

Gold Medal Winner!   MalisaMeesa  +8 
Silver Medal Winner (tie)!  PBELKNAP  +2 and greyhoundgrandma  +2

Holding steady!  howieann  0

...and last, but not least...SHOOT THE MOON!!!  Inkked0317  -6

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