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    I'm 24. I love crocheting, making small items to sell for everyday use. I can't do huge things yet, but I'm working on it. I love making HATS and Pouches, and purses
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    Dayton, Ohio
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    Crocheting, reading, writing,
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    since 2008
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    Hats, scarves Scoodies amigurumis
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  1. no yarn used for Either me or KaylaKitsa WTD 0 WTD 0
  2. I found a schooling group that was looking desperately for yarn donations and I was all too excited to donate!!!! a total of 58 skeins! so WTD + 116!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YTD -434 KaylaKitsa didn't get any yarny things done this week so WTD 0 YTD -81
  3. WELL Scores were crazy this week Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +33 Silver Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa +11 Bronze Medal Winner: TIED: GreyhoundGrandma and KaylaKitsa with +6 Tied with 0 HowieAnn and PBLKNP! NO NEGATIVES!!!
  4. I will post the full scores some time in the afternoon on Sunday. but as for my scores this week...... I was a good girl and went into a yarn shop today; a LOCAL WOOL SHOP- and managed to only come out with a pattern and the Circular needles needed for that pattern! Additionally I have been continuing to work through some balls on a couple of scrap blankets! MalisaMeesa WTD: +11 KaylaKitsa WTD: +6!!!!!
  5. My score is still the same but Kayla Kitsa's has changed she's used almost all of the yarn she bought this week! Kayla Kitsa WTD -2 Malisa Meesa WTD + 28
  6. oh lord so I've been working HARD I'm going to count it all up here, in the message but will only count what I've done THIS week in the scoring but that is a loooot too! I started a New Job as a telemarketer, and I LOVE IT. I can Crochet or Knit when at work, I have long stretches of time between calls and can work on projects in that time! so I have been there for almost 2 months and it's been awesome! I've finished 11 hats all using up 1 ball! so +11 two infinity scarves using a whole skein each so +4 worked on a scrap blanket using up 4 balls and a skein to get it started so +6 THIS WEEK THEN I got a baby blanket order and finished it so +5 (two skeins and a ball) 2 sets of hat and beard with mittens and used up a ball of back for the beards and then 3 balls for the striped colors +4 and then I started a blanket with SUPER CHUNKY YARN and have used 8 skeins so far +16 and a cowl for me using three balls finished +3 MY SCORE FOR THIS WEEK IS +28 KITSA's score for this week is -9
  7. I've used 4 more skeins on a blanket! so WTD +8 KaylaKitsa bought two skeins but then used up a ball! WTD -3
  8. I got another skein used up so a total of WTD +10 KaylaKitsa used up 3 balls so shes at WTD +3
  9. I've already used up 4 skeins of yarn this week!!! +8 so far!
  10. well i got some Knitting down this week! WTD +7 YTD -627 KaylaKitsa WTD 0 YTD -92
  11. Gold Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa+6 Silver Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +5 Bronze Medal Winner: Pineknott: +4 working things out: Howieann: +2 Holding steady at Zero: KaylaKitsa and GreyhoundGrandma and PBLKNP NO NEGATIVES!!!!!! GREAT JOB LADIES!!!!
  12. I had a total of + 6 this week! KaylaKitsa had a big 0 this week!
  13. I will not be posting the scores until tomorrow afternoon or evening. sorry everyone!
  14. I'm in the positives!!!! did you all hear me!?!?! i'm in the positive this week!!!!
  15. I used up two balls and a skein on a star blanket so i'm at WTD: -257 KaylaKitsa used up a skein and a ball so she is now at WTD: -92