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    I'm 24. I love crocheting, making small items to sell for everyday use. I can't do huge things yet, but I'm working on it. I love making HATS and Pouches, and purses
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    Dayton, Ohio
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    Crocheting, reading, writing,
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    since 2008
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    Hats, scarves Scoodies amigurumis
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  1. I've used 4 more skeins on a blanket! so WTD +8 KaylaKitsa bought two skeins but then used up a ball! WTD -3
  2. I got another skein used up so a total of WTD +10 KaylaKitsa used up 3 balls so shes at WTD +3
  3. I've already used up 4 skeins of yarn this week!!! +8 so far!
  4. well i got some Knitting down this week! WTD +7 YTD -627 KaylaKitsa WTD 0 YTD -92
  5. Gold Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa+6 Silver Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +5 Bronze Medal Winner: Pineknott: +4 working things out: Howieann: +2 Holding steady at Zero: KaylaKitsa and GreyhoundGrandma and PBLKNP NO NEGATIVES!!!!!! GREAT JOB LADIES!!!!
  6. I had a total of + 6 this week! KaylaKitsa had a big 0 this week!
  7. I will not be posting the scores until tomorrow afternoon or evening. sorry everyone!
  8. I'm in the positives!!!! did you all hear me!?!?! i'm in the positive this week!!!!
  9. I used up two balls and a skein on a star blanket so i'm at WTD: -257 KaylaKitsa used up a skein and a ball so she is now at WTD: -92
  10. soooo I went back to my Aunts house.... and she had more bags of yarn for me.... this time i came home with a score of -261 and a friend who also took some yarn said that she wanted me to post her scores too, so KaylaKitsa has a score of -95 i'll be posting her scores until she decides she wants to join the forum!
  11. Gold Medal: Inkked0317 +6 Silver Medal: GreyhoundGrandma +4 Bronze Medal: LadyChris2010 and MalisaMeesa +3 holding steady: Pineknott at 0 and Shoot the moon Winner: PBLKNP with -6!!!!
  12. oh i have never been thankful for a migraine before! i had to call off today because of a mirgraine and there for my score this week will be saved! i finished a ball last night on a baby blanket +1 so far
  13. I am going to be posting scores THREE WEEKS IN A ROW! I am insanely lucky! I work at a Joann's and a customer came in today and told me she wanted to give me a bunch of yarn, she no longer can use!
  14. I got you Howieann!
  15. Gold Medal: Inkked0317 +19 Silver Medal: Ellie 13 +8 Bronze Medal: GreyhoundGrandma +2 Hanging in the middle: PineKnott, Howieann and PBLKNP 0 THE OVERACHIEVER For Shoot the Moon: MalisaMeesa -368