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    I'm 26. I love crocheting, and knitting, I love knitting hats and crocheting cowls and shawls!
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    Damascus, Maryland
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    Crocheting, knitting, reading, writing,
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    since 2008, Knitting since 2016

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  1. WTD 0 again. I started a new job and am not going to get much yarn time for the next couple of months
  2. I made some hats and started a pair of crocodile stitch wristers! WTD is +7
  3. Welp! I did a little bit of Damage to my stash this week. I have nothing to do during the day because my job doesn't start until the week after next so I've been working up little round motifs to put onto a wall art piece I've been working on every so often since 2014!! I was also recruited into Dungeons and dragons, so while i'm not rolling my dice and taking my turn I knit and crochet! I've played 2 3-4 hour sessions and made 4 hats! the hats each took a half a skein and I used up 6 balls of scraps on my wall art! WTD +8!
  4. WTD 0 Been moving and settling in so no yarning has been happening!
  5. go right ahead and restart!! I know I feel that way some days too! Especially when I get bags of yarn from friends who have it and don't have a clue what to do with it.
  6. So I've been packing up most of this past week, and did another purge of things including another couple of trash bags of yarn. they were donated to the same place I donated last time and it was a total of 38 skeins and 22 balls donated so + 98! I also actually threw away about 5 balls worth of yarn that was tangled and shredded by my nieces cats. +5 Due to the rules of the government I am not moving to Japan with my sister and family, but am moving back into my home town which was ravaged by a reported and confirmed 18 tornadoes on memorial day so say a little prayer for me I can find housing in the next week. WTD + 103!!!!
  7. I'm going to a convention tomorrow with a friend and am going to be out of town all day and night so I'm posting tonight. I've put on a little bit of work on my spellman sweater and I've worked up half a skein of rainbow yarn into some catnip filled cat toys. WTD + 1
  8. i've been spending the week cross stitching so nothing worked up! WTD 0 YTD +261
  9. I worked up four skeins into a blanket! WTD +8
  10. Gold Medal PineKnott +13 Silver Medal: Tie PBLKNP +2 and MalisaMeesa +2 No Bronze Medal this week Hanging in the balance: KoalaLovesYarn TexasPurl at 0 Has some new friends: Ellie 13 -1 GreyhoundGrandma -24 Shoot The Moon Winner : Inkked0317 -104
  11. my week to date scores are +2 I finished a skein of yarn!!!!! WTD: +2 I will post scores tomorrow sometime in the later afternoon!
  12. I Was a good NOODLE today at the Yarn festival! only 2 skeins came home with me! WTD 5/4/2019 -4
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