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    I'm 24. I love crocheting, making small items to sell for everyday use. I can't do huge things yet, but I'm working on it. I love making HATS and Pouches, and purses
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    Dayton, Ohio
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    Crocheting, reading, writing,
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    since 2008
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    Hats, scarves Scoodies amigurumis
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  1. well my only saving grace this week is that we are combining weeks! I had +9 before the forum went down, but then i bought 7 skeins of yarn at Joann's today so that's -14 for a net loss of WTD -5
  2. I'm already in the pluses for this week! i had a friend come raid my yarn stash for some browns and yellows and whites! and she went home with 4 skeins and a ball! +9 and it's only tuesday!
  3. MAN!!!! again!
  4. the mill end yarn bin at Joanns called my name today and so 5 skeins of bulky weight came home with me! all for $4.50 WTD -10
  5. Gold medal: Inkked0317 silver medal: Pineknott Bronze medal: MalisaMeesa In the middle:HowieAnn Even keel at ZERO: GreyhoundGrandma Shoot The Moon: PBLKNP (I will edit to look pretty later im on mobile at work!)
  6. I've used a skein up today! WTD: +2 YTD: -13
  7. I am so sorry about last weeks scores! i have a feeling i'm going to have a chance to make it up tho! I was gifted 8 skein of yarn on Easter, AAAAANNNNNND i picked up 10 skeins of Caron One Pound in their Century collection that is limited edition! so that a total of 18 skeins and a score of: *drum roll* WTD -36
  8. i used up a ball today! WTD +1
  9. i will post scores around 12pm Sunday EST just so everyone knows, i work a recovery shift on Sun so i should be home by then.
  10. looks like i'm the Shoot the Moon winner! i'll be sure to post scores next week!
  11. WTD -5 over all, i used up a ball of yarn on an Amigurumi but maaaaaaan i'm gonna have to stop giving into the temptations at work!
  12. aaaaand i'm already in the negs this week! -4 the caron one pounds were on sale and i couldn't pass them up! another -2 i got another Caron One Pound
  13. well no-one's posted the scores so i can update mine! WTD -7 i used up a skein and wound one up into a ball last night of bulky yarn YTD +20
  14. wow! so I've been so busy these past couple of weeks. I started working at my local Joann Fabrics, and unfortunately i got paid yesterday... anddddd five skeins of bulky yarn came home with me today! WTD-10
  15. Well then that was +6..... buuuuut I got 4 more skeins done and wound a ball out of one! so WTD + 15 welcome to the groups Charis!