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    I'm 24. I love crocheting, making small items to sell for everyday use. I can't do huge things yet, but I'm working on it. I love making HATS and Pouches, and purses
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    Dayton, Ohio
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    Crocheting, reading, writing,
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    since 2008
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    Hats, scarves Scoodies amigurumis
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  1. WYD: -8 KaylaKitsa WYD: 0 not much yarning around for us this week
  2. so my Etsy Yarn came in reallly fast! I ordered it on Tuesday at 730am and it shipped later that day from DesMoines, Iowa to South West Ohio and arrived on my doorstep at 11 am today! These ^^^^ are all the same skein first two with flash third without! This is Bartlett Yarns in their Rangley 2-ply Worsted in the Color Blue Loch it is 100% Wool <-- This is Berroco Ultra Alpaca in the color 6233 (Hot Pink) it is Worsted weight 50% Wool 50% Alpaca <-- this is Stonehedge Fiber Mill the Shepherd's Wool(100%) Worsted Weight in the color Sage <--- and this is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted Multi in the Watercolor color, 100% wool so there goes -8 points...... maybe i can get a couple of balls on my scrap blanket done.
  3. I loooove Ice Yarns! looks like lots of us were weak this week! I bought four skeins of Wool from Etsy this Tuesday, but won't be counting it til it arrives!
  4. woooooo i've been knitting up washcloths like nobodies Business!! WTD: +6 and KaylaKitsa donated a bunch of yarn to a local kids group! so she has WTD: +44
  5. No. We are alright with how this works she has an extremely hard time learning new internet or tech related things (shes on the Autism spectrum) but still wants to participate. it would just discourage her to try and learn the mechanics of using the forum. We've tried introducing new websites before and it overwhelms her
  6. hey all. I do wanna reiterate that KaylaKitsa is also in this CAL she just does not have her own account here, and so i post her scores every week. I will do my best from now on to have our scores posted with Big Font and colors so you can see that there is two separate scores in my post
  7. Well ive not done diddly squat this week. WTD 0 KaylaKitsa WTD 0
  8. I used up 6 balls of yarn! WTD: +6 And KaylaKitsa used some yarn but not a full ball! WTD 0
  9. WOOOOT starting the year off right!!! I used up 15 balls of yarn on a scrap blanket!!! and then a skein on a dog coat! WTD: +17 KaylaKitsa's used up 2 skeins and 2 balls! WTD: +6!
  10. OOOH i'm going to be in the positives this time!!! Myself and KaylaKitsa are back this year! but we have a question.... we've gotten into Spinning yarn.... do we count what we make? at what point should we consider it a ball? what point does it become a Skein?
  11. I was gifted 4 separate $50 gift cards for Joann's for Christmas sooooo I'm going shopping this weekend. I don't know or sure if I'll be purchasing yarn or not but I'll keep you posted.
  12. Well I tried to give people ample time to get their scores in but it's most likely everyone has very busy schedules for the holidays. Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +11 Silver Medal Winner: Kayla Kitsa +4 No Bronze Holding steady at zero are PBLKNP and GreyhoundGrandma and Shooting the Moon for 2 weeks in a row is yours truly MalisaMeesa
  13. wow not many scores this week! I realized I forgot about my negative score from monday so I'm actually at -12 for this week! I'm not going to post scores until around 530 or so to give some others a chance to post theirs!
  14. finished my hat and started a cowl for myself so +2 then I finished off four balls finished up a blanket that had been languishing for a while +4 picked up another hat project and finished a skein on it! +2 i'm trying to do small simple projects for some last minute Christmas gifts so I have four sets of ribbed wristlets started knitting two at a time. I have another 2 sets already finished so another +2 MalisaMeesa WTD: +10 KaylaKitsa hasn't been crocheting or knitting so +0
  15. It's SOOOO SOFT!! i'm worried because I can't tell if its common but I've gotten tiny little bleps... flecks of the other two colors in the one stripe i'm using. lemme see if I can get a picture. I personally don't have a problem with them but if I have an order in these yarns i really don't want them to ruin a project...