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2017 Stashbusting CAL


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Happy Saturday everyone!

This week I made a unicorn (I didn't like how the first one worked up last week, so I made a different pattern) and used 2 balls (+2). I also made a T Rex  from 2 balls (+2), and a poncho for my youngest that used most but not quite all of a skein, which I balled the remainder up (+1). I also organized all my random bits & pieces of stash into my tubs (I'm down to 2 full but neatly packed and not overflowing tubs!!) and found 30 skeins of wool yarn I'd bought at the Spinrite tent sale a couple years ago but will never use as my hands don't react well to the yarn, so I gave all of it to my mother today (+60).

WTD: +65

YTD: +445

In my organizing I discovered I already had everything I needed to make a lab puppy (ordered by a friend), a baby blanket for another friend, and my in-law's Christmas gift! So the only items left on my to-do list will not require me to do any shopping! I've already started on the puppy, and hope to get that finished in the next week and possibly start on the baby blanket, which will be a Bavarian stitch in cream & pink.

I hope you all have a great week!

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I can’t seem to update my signature using my phone...

I used up a skein this week, but I went to WEBS in Northampton, MA for the first time!  I ended up with 5 skeins of yarn to make a friend a poncho for Christmas, so...

-8 for this week! 

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oh lord so I've been working HARD I'm going to count it all up here, in the message but will only count what I've done THIS week in the scoring but that is a loooot too!

I started a New Job as a telemarketer, and I LOVE IT. I can Crochet or Knit when at work, I have long stretches of time between calls and can work on projects in that time!

so I have been there for almost 2 months and it's been awesome!

I've finished 11 hats all using up 1 ball! so +11

two infinity scarves using a whole skein each so +4

worked on a scrap blanket using up 4 balls and a skein to get it started so +6


THEN I got a baby blanket order and finished it so +5 (two skeins and a ball)

2 sets of hat and beard with mittens and used up a ball of back for the beards and then 3 balls for the striped colors +4

and then I started a blanket with SUPER CHUNKY YARN and have used 8 skeins so far +16

and a cowl for me using three balls finished +3


KITSA's score for this week is -9


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Happy Saturday!!

This week I've made a Bavarian stitch baby blanket using 3 balls and 2 skeins (+7), a black lab puppy using a skein and a ball (+3), and set up my bobbins for a graph blanket that used up a ball (+1). I also made a preemie blanket using 2 skins and a ball (+5).

WTD: +16

YTD: +461

Then I realized I'd messed up on my graph count, making each square 3 sc by 3 rows when I meant to do it 2 sc by 2 rows, so now I'm re-counting the whole thing before I'll let myself crochet anything because this is the only project on my to-do list that has a due date (Christmas gift). I want to get this done before I move on to anything else! So...back to counting for me...

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Sorry the scores are late, I haven't been able to access the site from my home internet connection.

Scores for the week ending 10/14/17:

Gold Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa +28

Silver Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +16

Bronze Medal Winner: tie at +6: howieann & greyhoundgrandma


Shoot the Moon Winner: KaylaKitsa -2

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I will post the full scores some time in the afternoon on Sunday. :) 

but as for my scores this week...... I was a good girl and went into a yarn shop today; a LOCAL WOOL SHOP- and managed to only come out with a pattern and the Circular needles needed for that pattern! Additionally I have been continuing to work through some balls on a couple of scrap blankets! 

MalisaMeesa WTD: +11

KaylaKitsa WTD: +6!!!!!


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Hi everyone! I hope you've all had a great week!

This week I made a triple strand blanket out of Caron Simply Baby yarn for my youngest. It took 15 skeins (+30). I also started working on an Amazing Grace graphgan for my in-law's Christmas gift and used 3 balls on that so far (+3). I'm hoping to get that mostly completed this week, as I'm already 1/3 of the way finished. It's mostly black and my eyes are not really loving that lol

WTD: +33

YTD: +494

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WELL  Scores were crazy this week

Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +33
Silver Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa +11
Bronze Medal Winner: TIED: GreyhoundGrandma and KaylaKitsa with +6

Tied with 0 HowieAnn and PBLKNP!



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Reminder: this is the last week of the month, so please post both your wtd and ytd scores on Saturday.

I finished the baby blanket and rolled a skein into a ball...+1. Made two lei necklaces for the GDs with no yarn used up. Started on a trick or treat bag and used a ball...+1.

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Sadly, no real movement this week.  I thought I was going to use up a skein, but not quite!

I've been a bit distracted from things this week.  Today, we had to put our beloved cat Franklin to sleep.  He had chronic renal failure and he was declining fast.  It was the right thing to do, but we're still devastated.  It was difficult this evening, attempting to work on my sweater without him snuggling up with me on the sofa.  He always was a big fan of the yarn...

Stashbuster Total: WTD +0  YTD +29

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I found a schooling group that was looking desperately for yarn donations and I was all too excited to donate!!!! a total of 58 skeins!

so WTD + 116!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 YTD -434

KaylaKitsa didn't get any yarny things done this week so 

WTD 0 
YTD -81

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Hi everyone!! I had a really slow crochet week this week. I am making progress on this Amazing Grace blanket but it's mostly black and it's killing my eyes lol. I used up one full skein this week (+2). I'm soooo close to using up a couple more, but not quite there yet, so that will probably happen next week.



This Tuesday my oldest daughter is turning 17!! Blows my mind that she's so grown already..doesn't seem possible that she's 17. So the next few days will be filled with birthday shenanigans as well as Halloween fun!!

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