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2017 Stashbusting CAL


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Hi everyone!! This week I made my third Josefina Elephant pillow. This one is going to the same family friend as the awareness ribbon blanket I finished last week. I think these pillows are really cute, but I swear I am so fried on making them! I never realized how many people I know who are crazy for elephants before I made this pillow the first time! Each time I've finished one of these, I've said out loud "I'm not making another one of these, ever. I'm over this pattern." and yet....I've made three in three months. Guess I just have to figure out how to either say no when asked to make one, or find something else to suggest when it's mentioned....ANYWAY....I used up 1 skien (+2) and 5 balls (+5) on this pillow.

WTD: +7

YTD: +347

Currently working on a blanket that will be a gift for my high school bestie's wedding in October...it's a graph blanket that says Mr & Mrs with a pair of love birds perched on top...just black & white with a touch of red (hearts on the birds) and I'm about 60% done with it, so I'm hoping to finish it this upcoming week.

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This week I made a teddy bear for my soon to be born baby cousin, which took 4 balls of yarn (+4) and I finished a wedding gift for a,dear friend  (a blanket that says Mr & Mrs) which took 7 balls (+7). I'm very happy to say that the rest of my have-to-do projects are smaller than these blankets I've been doing lately so I should be able to knock them out faster!

WTD: +11

YTD: +358

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I'm frustrated with myself and red heart. I bought 6 skeins of RHSS Stripes a while back to make a basket for my GD--striping fun crochet basket, LW5796. It uses three stands held together. Even though the pattern says nothing about it, I knew I would have to find matching colors on the skeins to start it. I just didn't realise that would be such a pain. After pulling out a lot of yarn from three skeins I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. And if I have to piece the colorways together at the end to have enough yarn for the project, then the pattern blurb of "yarn that stripes all by itself, so there are few ends to weave in" is not true anymore.

I'm not real crazy about RHSS but I guess I'll make one of the girls a blanket with it sometime later. So that's 12 points that won't be worked off anytime soon.

I did finish joining the retro ornament throw this week and just need to make the tassels to be finished.

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Hi everyone!! Thankfully my truck will be getting fixed early next week, so the kids and I won't be stuck in the house constantly...so I will be able to do stuff besides crochet lol...

This week I finished my holiday exchage squares (6 balls, +6), I made a poncho for my 4 year old (1 skein, 1 ball, +3) I made a coat for a dog (2 balls, +2), I made a dog stuffie (3 balls, +3), and a unicorn stuffie (7 balls, +7), and I tried to make a poncho for my 19 month old but it didn't work up like I needed it to and frogging it was more frustrating than it was worth so I just tossed that ball (+1). 

WTD: +22

YTD: +380

Now I'm going to be looking for a different unicorn pattern (this one didn't come out looking very good, so I gave it to my little one to play with instead of gifting it like I originally intended) and a different jacket/poncho pattern for the little one...I hope everyone enjoys their week!!!

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I haven't been here since Aug. 28  :eek !  I have to use the library computer because my lap top doesn't always like my neighbor's internet.

I won't bore you with all the details, I was given/bought :yarn, used/donated some. I made 14 hats, 10 pumpkin pins, 3 small stuffed spiders and 10 pocket prayer shawls.

So my totals for all of Sept./1st week of Oct. is WTD: + 4  YTD + 66

Ellie 13

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