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2007 Square-A-Month (or week?) CAL


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Is there a Square along CAL yet? I saw the swap and thought, well that would be neat to join a Square CAL....


I like the chart they use:

Color Chart: based on modern, talismatic, and zodiac birthstones for variety


January -- reds, blacks, reds

February -- purples, reds, reds

March -- blues, reds, purples

April -- whites, oranges, dark green

May -- greens, reds, blues

June -- offwhite, greens, purples

July -- reds, blues, greens

August -- greens, white, black

September -- blues, white, reds

October -- pinks, blues, greens

November -- oranges, purples, yellows

December -- turquoises/teals, blues, pinks

Looks like there are 3 colors for each month, maybe we could do 1 square in each color (so 3 squares a month) or 1 square with all the colors in it?

Even a giant granny would be cool using these colors as the stripes! (still technically a square LOL)

What do you think?



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I would be willing to make some squares but I am not too crazy about those colours. if we could just make our own in our own colours I could manage that as they can become snuggles for my SPCA


Red Hat ladies notwithstanding, I don't care for red and purple together:wlol

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Could we use our own colors? what size should the squares be. I'm not very good at winging it i usually have to have a pattern to follow but if I know how big the squares should be I would be good.:blush

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i have never done anything like this, but would be interested in it being my first if you guys can bear with me.....could we pick out own colors..and be explained exactly how it would work???? if you don't want someone who is not more familier with this type of thing that cool too...i like reading and commenting on stuff..it's a fun site...

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Ok I am in I don't mind at all using the colors that is there need to open my mind up to more colors anyway. Like someone said, come Dec, we would have more squares to do a blanket or something lol. So how big should our squares be I was thinking 8 by 8 or do we just do as we want as we go along. I am in. Oh will do Jan also since that was my bday month can't forget that month lol.

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