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    My hubby and I do short term missions and I can find a home for just about anything Ask me!
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  1. Hey everyone glad to see yall are stiull blitzin!!! My amigos charity is coming in NOV. and I wanted to ask for hats for cancer patients. All sizes all colors any pattern. I am still full of sqs from the last blitz and since I have no imediate plans for Mexico I thought my other big place we give to could use a nice surplus! So hats hats hats please
  2. I too have found some minor typos and a few corrections like Ch 1 turn is missing on the dress pattern. But again when I am done (should be tonight) I will PM you What colors is everyone doing? I did mine in white with a varrigated trim. I think its very pretty so far.
  3. personally I would not since my husband is our pastor. lol He might be upset with me. My advice is to keep the hooks away during service time. after all sometimes we do so little for God we can give him a bit of our time and attention dont ya think. and yes we are an interdenominational church.
  4. Yelutci I got my awesome box of scraps yesterday and thank you for the patterns and such. You were very generous. Thank you
  5. Maybe the mods will consider starting a list/thread that will stay tp the top with announcements and stuff that we can list our levals and what we can test. Maybe???
  6. Looking for 2 testers who can do so with in a week. Beginner and advanced crochet please. PM me
  7. I always get to this point where I knit something and know not how to remove it. Any good directions with photos or some advice. Thanks
  8. Great job I love my looms. Although mine are wooden not the knifty knitter ones they do make a great hat. And what a champ that son of yours
  9. OOOPS Apology needed!! I forgot about the hook project until yesterday when it showed up at my door! I have been extra busy with crochet for the fairs and well kids going to school and life in general. So I am sorry
  10. You can knit or crochet any yarn any pattern. Keep in mind some do go to men. Yes its ongoing and all sizes are needed.
  11. Participants Jimmie Lu supergranny vickietoria rstultz needlearts alibra oliveoil
  12. I have been feeling a bit low lately about my cousin and all. I have been so un motivated to crochet anything. So Id like to offer up a challange that will hopefully help me out of my rut and help those in need. I need caps!!! Everytime I go with my cousin for treatments I take hats well lately there is a bigger need than I can personally meet. So if you are interested in this just drop me a PM. for 5 hats I will make you a stitch marker for 10 hats a lovely stitch marker keeper for 25 hats a surprize. Anyone wanna help me help others?????
  13. PSt no I found a set and started a small project! and I also found a set of circular ones also
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