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  1. hi,,,this is something i have never done before and think it would be alot of fun...i have been crocheting for over 30 years and consider myself and expert...i don't know how to go about this, but i imagine i woud hear from you sometime in the near future as time is of the essense...sincerely..donna
  2. maybe it's just me,,but when you pick up the afghan to lay it down,,does it lay perfectly flat,,or do you have to straighten all the points out...i can get it flat that way but to just toss it like to put on a bed or something the ripplings is very obvious...i am just wondering if i am expecting something thatdoesn't happen...to lay it flat it ripples untli i strighten out all the points..is this normal????
  3. hi, i am trying to make a round ripple,,and i have always had them buckle or ripple up on me as i work,,but do to everyones help here..i thought i had the problem fixed..it lays flat now..but now i am further in the pattern on rows 25-26 and it is starting to ripple again...can anyone give me advice as to how i could fix this or make it lay flat??? i have seen so many that you have all made and they are beautiful and FLAT...should i do more 2 dc at the points??? i sure would appreciate any and all help from anyone.....it's driving me crazy!!! :think
  4. i have never done anything like this, but would be interested in it being my first if you guys can bear with me.....could we pick out own colors..and be explained exactly how it would work???? if you don't want someone who is not more familier with this type of thing that cool too...i like reading and commenting on stuff..it's a fun site...
  5. i can't wait to get started on mine,,,i have 3 to make .... it was very thoughtful of you to offer the pattern..thanks so much!!!!!
  6. i agree...i don't see why it would be any different,just taller looking stitches..the work would probably even go faster..keep check of your guage..
  7. love the colors...looks warm and snuggly!!!!
  8. that is just too cute .. would love to make one for my grandaughter!!!! it's adorable.....can't wait for the pattern!!
  9. bluemoon

    Giraffe for Gavin

    i love him,,,,he;s adorable!!!! really unique...
  10. being new with the computer..i don't know the answer to this...how do i gain access to the pattern??? and by the way its' great that you would share the pattern with us...he's just as cute as he can be@@@@
  11. hi,, i have asked this question before and done alot of homework trying to find the answer, but i need some help:yell ... i want to make a round ripple in the worst way,,but it seems people use quite a few different patterns for them,,,,is there just ONE that is THE one that everyone usuallly makes??? mine just will not for the life of me quit ruffling up...when i see them on the site they look perfectly flat...what am i doing wrong??? i have been crocheting for over 35 years and just don't get it..can someone give me their input as to what is the best pattern to use....the most widely used one on this site???? i would be eternally gratefull!! :clap :cheer :cheer
  12. the way you wrote that lifted my spirit up a bit...you sound like you really enjoy life and have a big heart!!!!!! and it is really beautiful by the way!!
  13. i believe what you want to do is to make 3 dc into each of the 2 dc spaces that come up next....hope that helps
  14. miztrellen,,i just saw your afghan and fell in love with it,, i wish i could just put together colors like that,,and have them turn out looking so good...i always have to think everything has to match just exactly so so...you proved wrong,,,now i wish i coudl go get different colors,,,but i'd be back to square one not knowing what to pick out!!! oh welll..guess some of us just have a knack for knowing what looks good automatically....looks great@@@@@
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