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  1. Good Morning everyone. It is rainy here. Fun stuff since I have to go out in it. And I walk most places so I am bound to get a little wet!!
  2. Hello everyone!! I hope you have a great day!!
  3. Hello everyone!! Well tornados hit about 20 minutes from us on Friday.. and the devestation is unreal to me. We are going to collect some things and head up with some people we know this coming Sunday. My kids will go too. We all just want to help. Those people lost everything. It is heartbreaking. We will be headed to henryville Indiana. I hope everyone is doing good. We are good here. I ahve been crocheting when I have the time. Its been busy around here for some reason.
  4. Good Afternoon everyone!! It has been a busy weekend so I havent had the chance to get on here. I hope everyone is well this fine Sunday!!
  5. Good morning to everyone!! It is going to be a stormy day here so I will be staying inside. For those who have asked.. i am still working on my sisters afghan and I am having fun with it!! It is going to be very big. Way taller than she is. OOPPSSS. HAHA. She will love it though. It may take me a little longer than I thought. I hope everyone has a great day. Be safe out there if its stormy where you are today.
  6. Good Morning everyone! I hope you have a great Tuesday!! Marisa-Yes we played board games again this weekend. Yesterday we played Uno but I only played one round as I had other things to tend too.
  7. Hello everyone. Monday is upon us once again. The kids were reluctant to get out of their beds this morning. BUt they are all gone to school now. I hope everyone has a great day!!
  8. Good Morning everyone!! Its Sunday. I will hopefully get some crocheting in today. We shall see. The kids have been on a board game kick lately so I have been trying to spend time with them. I hope everyone has a great day!!
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