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  1. I'm doing one of these! I'm on my third skein on one for my 6 yr old DD. I'm using Red Heart Blueberry pie yarn and the Bernat pattern. She's been begging for one so I hope she likes the crocheted one instead of the fleece one.
  2. That is very striking! I love that thanks for the pattern!
  3. That's terrible that the yarn was different but I really like it like that! It looks like it turned out to be a very happy accident!
  4. If you can read this whole thread you can do this ghan! You can do it I know. :cheer
  5. That looks great Happyhooking! oooo yeah Julie fingerweight would be good too. hmmm I may have to make a couple more after all
  6. This CAL is still open and going. Just post a question anytime and someone will help you. I'm sure some people are still working on theirs. I might even attempt another one in thread so I can hang it on my wall.
  7. Julie Wow the stained glass effect looks great!!! I love that. DH thinks I should make another one I might have to with colors like that.
  8. Julie that is coming out beautiful!
  9. Raccoon I like how you switched up the colors in the heptagons! Looks great! Julie wow that is going to look really neat! Love those colors!
  10. Julie I love those colors! I could kind of see the brighter colors through the black too. I just tried to pull them behind the stitch as much as possible so it didn't show them that much.
  11. I think that's what I liked most about this pattern is by the time you'd get tired of going round and round you'd have something different to do for a bit and by the time you got tired of that you'd be going around again. Nice to mix it up abit.
  12. Sassy I think mine were like that too and like Brenda said you work the next row over the slip stitch. At least that's how mine came out
  13. The half circles should end with it running from one corner to the other across the top of the Heptagon. Maybe you could put a photo up if your having troubles? I do much better seeing what the problem is.
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