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  1. Well i did alot of things and some i cant find their pictures bt i did peter pan collars but made them with two layers mug cozies baby stuff headbands angel wings necklace tissue covers with coasters tea pot cozies and tea cups cozies i did also some slippers scrubbies collars necklaces ....etc and i couldnt not share my logo loooooooooooool i love cows thats why i called my mini business cutie_little_moomoos i would love to hear your opinions i would really appreciate any comments
  2. oh ladies my precious friends im so happy for this warm welcome ill post photoes in a while ill try to combine them in groups as they are alot and im really happy to be back here again
  3. hello everyone I know i am waaaaaay tooooooo ancient came from the bc world loooooool I miss you all i keep checking every once in a while in here cause i really miss the old days I like reading your comments i love seing your projects and i miss the warm gathering in this place Ive been busy with life ive been down for too long and away from alot of beautiful things but now i wanna be back again i started giving crochet lessons in my place, I am making a crochet book and gonna translate it to english and sell it on etsy cause i dont know a publisher out of Kuwait an
  4. marisa - i thought of doing a through using squares from the 200knitted squares book , but i`m not practicing knitting so im not ready to knit projects. i think i might do it some day mary - thanks tam - happy birthday ohh i didn`t work on anything yesterday it was an exhausting day . i was up till 8 in the morning then i slept till 11:30 am so it wasn`t enough , then my day was full of house work, kids watching, and in the end i went shooping for fabric to make a new dress for ramadan after 3 weeks . i slept early yesterday about 10 p, and now its 8:30 am woke up from a while
  5. thanks ladies for all your feelings i really appreciate it Judy ohh only TWO!! looool at least you did something cindy yup i have two girls i know divorce is hard but sometimes when things goes totally wrong in marriage and your partner treats you as if you weren`t there and you are already taking the full responsibility of the kids, then i think divorce is better as its gonna open new doors for you to start new life, maybe someday i`ll meet a better person i dont wanna be bond by the wrong one :\ i started the half moon shawl i`m half way through it and i made one hexago
  6. ladies i have some questions looool i know that was loong time ago but there was a group some of you were in it to knit a learn to knit afghan. i didn`t see you finishing it that was sad
  7. marisa nope we didnt meet before but i`m glad we are meeting now nice to have you all with me friends tam hey there , thanks for the welcome
  8. thanks ladies for the warm welcoms julie naaaah we dont have snow i wish we did, sometimes even the rain is not too much in winter although it gets very cold it is true here its dry and hot, and now in summer most of the time its dusty eek linda oh my elder daughter completed her 3rd year last march and i have smaller daughter about year and 20days well i`m facing a lot of problems in the court with my husband and we are going to divorce so i thought crochet will take all the bad thoughts out of my mind and i`ll relax after a long period of problems but i`m feeling grea
  9. good morning ladies it`s been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since my last visit to your house actually i keep quitting crochet because of life stress and i haven`t done any complete project since a long time. i participated in swaps last year it was really fun but yet i don`t complete a project for my own sad an hour ago i started the snowflake afghan i really love to have it as a throw
  10. i know i`ve sighned for this but didn`t show up i just lost 1 kilo and planing on more so i`ll start a scarb granny afghan i wanna lose 12 kilos as total and needs about maybe 36 squares to make 6×6 afghan with 12" squares regular granny square with bright stash so now i have to make my first 3 squares for the kilo i`ve lost
  11. awwwwww i cant wait to make it thank you soooo much i can`t thank you enough yaaaaaaaaaay new pattern to use up stash and buy new hehehe
  12. hello there i`m starting a star ghan for DD to make it as a watermelon shape in fushia < lime < and white hope it goes fast
  13. do anyone make exercises?? i have walking 5 miles for lislie sanson and cindy crofford workout (with the red swim suit on the cover) i`m thinking of doing each one day after day
  14. ok put me in <<< that was very quick thinking 10 kilos to lose - stripped afghan - 150 rows to do i think i`ll make 15 rows for each killo i lose , making these row will make me lose even more hehehe
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