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  1. All your ripples are beautiful. It never ceases to amaze me with this pattern that you can vary the colors and it still comes out beautiful every time.
  2. Hi I saw your comment on wanting to make a round ripple with ss brites. Mine is still in progress and I have put zebra yarn in there as well. Sorry I havent kept a total of how much brites I have used. Im in the process of doing 3 rows of each brites yarn and then maybe 2 rows of the zebra yarn and maybe a row of brites black for the border. But its big now so its slow going. Picture is clickable.
  3. Hi everyone, I just love all your ghans you have made. So I decided to start one myself and I roped my mum into making one as well. I am using the colors blue and black and mum is using blue and white. This goes pretty quickly doesnt it. I got 37 rows done on my first strip today.
  4. Hi everyone, I have finally finished my xmas round ripple. clickable
  5. Mel I love your round ripple. The colors are stunning and perfect to show as a wall hanging. I want to know the same thing Carol just asked. How do you go about hanging this on a wall.
  6. Judy congratulations on becoming a grandma. I hope mum and baby are doing well. Lisa your round ripple is beautiful. Its very cheery to look at. Clara your spiderman ripple looks great. I would love to do one of these but I dont have a boy to give it to. Can I ask how many rows of each color you do and is the colors medium blue and red. I might have to just make one of these just for the sake of it. Honey your ripple is beautiful too. Love the pinks is it for a baby. Gene welcome to this cal. Mel wow you have made heaps of ripples. Your one busy lady. I am halfway fin
  7. Hi Laurie, Those are the colors I used in my Blue Star ghan. If you want to put a 4th color in I would go with the light brown color in the varigated.
  8. Lady and Beth your round ripples look beautiful. Your mums will love them.
  9. Everyone's round ripples look just amazing. Niki I love your bright orange one. Its absolutely beautiful:clap Im at a standstill with my xmas ripple until I can finish a mothers day present. I will get back to it soon.
  10. Everyones rr's look amazing. Lindsay I love the blue and white, its gorgeous. I havent done anymore on my xmas ripple as Im trying to finish a straight ripple for my mum for mothers day.
  11. Candace sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope he gets better soon. Champgirl, there are a few round ripple patterns out there. Here are a couple of popular ones. Welcome to the group. http://project-angel-kisses.150m.com/roundripple.html http://www.sewonfire.com/round_ripple_afghan.htm - there is a correction in round 3 where it says repeat from you repeat in every other stitch.
  12. Wow Judy you sure are quick. Your ripple is beautiful, I never would have thought to put that varigated with the other 2 colors. well done.
  13. Addey thats beautiful. You did heaps at the airport and on the plane didnt you.
  14. Honey just beautiful, love the pinks, is it for a baby. Candace I just love the blues you have used. Keep going, it will look amazing when its finished. I find the hardest part is knowing what color to put where and how many rows of each color.
  15. Jaded that is absolutely beautiful. good job. How many more rows are you going to do.
  16. Very nice Shay, I love the effect that ghan has. It will be beautiful in pink and purple.
  17. That is beautiful GrandmaB. I love the blue.
  18. Melissa yours is very nice. Those colors go well together. For those of you that are making the spiderman ripple have you thought about finding an applique spider to put on it. I reckon that would look really cool.
  19. Judy tick the box of your picture in photobucket then scroll down the page and copy the 3rd url link then paste into here and it will become a clickable so the picture wont be as big but people can click on it to see the big picture.
  20. Hi Judy, well done it looks fabulous. They are so easy and addictive arent they. Its a pattern you can easily do while watching tv I think.
  21. Joni tell your sister she did a great job. Its beautiful. By the way do you crochet left handed Im left handed as well but was taught to crochet right handed.
  22. I started mine tonight. I had forgotten how quick these ripples are. I am using red and red heart holiday yarn. This will be a xmas tabletop. Im already onto the 12th row. I will just keep going to the holiday yarn runs out as I only have 2 skeins of it. I will show a pic once I have done more rows.
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