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  1. Well ok since we is so close to May I am so trying to get this afghan done it is so hard. The picture below is what I have so far but, I have more squares since I've taken this picture. I found this afghan in a cross stitching magazine that I thought I can make into a crochet afghan instand so wish me luck. I will connect the squares I have done by the end of the weekend and have a update. Off I go to make at least 10 squares today.
  2. Thanks I will start on the boy blanket soon. Sometime today.
  3. Opps my fault didn't know that this was a monthly thing I just started back posting on here this week. Been gone due to some family problems and I guess I was way to excited to get back to crocheting. Sorry
  4. Aww how nice I wanted to make something for my mom for mothers day but, I know it wont be done in time. So I am going to take her out to eat and to the movies.
  5. I seen the April one and since April will be over soon. Thought for those that would like to start the In May one. For me it's coming up close to June and I am trying to finish my mom's Tropico afghan before her bday in June. So to having this crochetalong may just have me push right though these projects. So what do everyone like to try to finish or work on in May? Show pictures and update if you like as you work on your projects. 1) Finish my mom bday Tropico afghan 2) Finish my blue and black afghan (Its in my avatar) And YOU?
  6. Thanks everyone. I'm glad to be back crocheting.
  7. Yep updated my blog with my latest projects. Blog link in siggy.
  8. I've been away so long due to some family problems some people that kept up with my blog known what been going on. But, now I am back. Wanted to share my lates project. I was able to finish that girlie baby blanket that has the crochet edging going around it. It came out so pretty love the outcome to it. I brought 2 yards of the fabric 1 yard on each side with the crochet edging sandwich right between the fabric. I have to hand sew it cause I can't sew it with my sewing machine don't want the yarn getting stuck in my machine. I found a easier way to do this then poking holes in the fabric. I picked a thinner fabric so it's more of a receiving blanket then a blanket since it will be getting warmer outside dont want anything to thick when summer comes. I thought this would be great for a gift since a lot of my friends having babies this summer. About to start on the boy blanket next.
  9. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I am so glad to be back. I have a couple of afghans that I am working on right now and a couple more things for the uncoming cold weather we will be having this winter.
  10. Thanks ladies, I guess since it will be getting colder out I tend to crochet more around fall and winter then spring and summer. But, glad to have my crocheting mojo back now back to my crocheting. Happy crocheting everyone.
  11. I haven't been on Crochetville in a very long time due that I guess I took a crocheting brake. I was in my sewing mojo but, now my crocheting mojo is back and I whipped this up for my daughter Nellie. No pattern used just mainly used her body as my guide for measurements. So cute. So what you all think. Thanks for looking.
  12. Thanks a bunch ladies. Oliveoil I also like that one the best to. I was trying to change up my colors a bit by doing some other great fabric colors by beside black but, then I had to do a black anyway lol. Thanks for the comments ladies. I just love sewing.
  13. Here is my latest sewing projects. There you have it. The patterns I used is on my blog. So what you all think?
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