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  1. Cara congratulations on 17000 posts. you sure are a chatterbox
  2. Im good thanks. Im working on the jumper and about to go to the humpty dumpty. Might see if I can finish it today. Im glad you liked the video. The 2 koalas stayed until last night then they headed off somewhere. Im sure they will be back. Just wondering about the mystery knitted cloth you did, how did you work out the rows, did you use graph paper or what.
  3. Howdy now you can finish the mittens. Oh thats fantastic, can we go now. Mandii
  4. HI everyone, have been slack coming in here as usual, Im sorry about that. Hope you are all well and have lots of projects to keep you all occupied. Oh she is just so cute. Very pretty, Im sure they will love it. Nice colors Shay cant wait to see it come together. Very nice.
  5. Aussie

    Noah Ark Afghan

    Thanks for all your lovely comments. It took two months but then I had other projects on the go as well. Very easy pattern to follow.
  6. Aussie

    Noah Ark Afghan

    Here is my Noah Ark Afghan, it was a lot of fun to make.
  7. very funny. well yes I think you need to make one. It looks fantastic, love the colors
  8. Oh thats right, I couldnt get the stitch worked out so I asked for help and you were so eager to join.
  9. I blew up the one that the designer did and she is doing something similiar. This is so annoying. Hey wait just a minute you wanted to do it in fact you couldnt wait to start it. I want to know what Im doing wrong.
  10. Cherri I just looked at Barbaras and she doesnt go through the end stitch either she is in the top somewhere. Im at a loss.
  11. Well if mine is in the right place why is it still slanting then.
  12. From what I can see, not good pics but i am doing it in the right place which is in the finishing stitch. Cherri you think thats not right.
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