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  1. Just finished my first two squares. I'm using worsted weight from my stash as I cannot afford new yarn right now. I used a K hook and my squares are just a teeny bit over 8 inches. Colors will be turquoise and shades of pink. Can't wait for tomorrow's clue!
  2. I've finished my January scarf made from the SNB one-skein pattern. The colors remind me of Neopolitan ice cream. Ice cream is cold and so is January here in Minnesota. But I just realized I don't know how to upload a photo!
  3. Oh boy...this sounds like a lot of fun! I am looking forward to it!!
  4. I thought my Walmart was cutting back on yarn too. I was very disappointed when the Simply Soft was put on clearance and then disappeared. But then to my delight, guess what took its place? Vanna's Choice yarn!
  5. Please can somebody tell me where to find "Aggie May's" pattern that so many of you refer to? Thank you very much!!
  6. I just dug out my book "101 Crocheted Squares" and yes, there it was, Pattern No. 96. I would never have thought that these would be so quick to make and so much fun. Thank you everyone for all of your ideas for this pattern!
  7. Oh boy, the perfect CAL for me. Here is my list of Christmas crocheting projects. Afghan for Grandson (25% done) Afghan for Granddaughter (Need to get yarn yet.) Hat, scarf, mittens for Sister. (Hat almost done) Hat and scarf set x 5 for neices (2 done) Hat and scarf set x 2 for nephews Hat and scarf set for Daughter-in-Law Hat and scarf set for Sister-in-Law Afghan for nephew
  8. I'm in! I'm making a pair of red and purple mittens for my sister (Red Hat Society Vice-Queen) to go along with the hat and scarf that I just finished.
  9. Debbie, your hats look so warm and cozy...almost looks as if you used two strands of yarn! I hope you don't mind my asking if there is a link to the pattern you are using or if you can tell me what book you found the pattern in...maybe I already have the pattern in my collection!! Oh, how I love making hats and everyone on my Christmas list will get one this year!
  10. I am making hat and scarf sets for Christmas gifts. First I made a set for my sister in red and purple (Red Hat Society). I used the very addicting scarf pattern from Stitch and Bitch Crochet, but instead of making it 96" as in the pattern (the pattern is meant to wrap around the neck a few times) I made it only 60" because I thought 96" was just a little too long. I made the same scarf in navy blue and variegated for my young niece who is 10 years old, but this time I made the scarf only 50" long, because I don't want her to trip on it! Anyway, now I'm second-guessing myself. How long should a scarf be?
  11. Last week Joann.com had Vanna's yarn on sale for 2.49 with a 10% discount on top of that if you ordered six or more skeins. And shipping was free for orders over $35. I ordered 21 skeins to make two afghans for Christmas using patterns from her most recent books. Can't wait for my order to arrive. I love her colors. Not sure when the sale ends...wish I had more money!
  12. Thank you so much MamaRose for taking the time to provide your instructions and yes, they are very clear. And thanks Debbie, for providing the link for the tutorial. I will start this project today!
  13. I love the idea of your Magic Ball Granny. I want to start one, but how do you get started? What size hook and how many stitches do you start with to get the rectangle granny? Oh, I am sorry to ask so many questions, but I really am excited about starting one of these to use up my yarn scraps!
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