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  1. I'm doing one of these! I'm on my third skein on one for my 6 yr old DD. I'm using Red Heart Blueberry pie yarn and the Bernat pattern. She's been begging for one so I hope she likes the crocheted one instead of the fleece one.
  2. That is very striking! I love that thanks for the pattern!
  3. I haven't done much in the RR area lately I've picked my Spiderman rr back up and am hoping to finish it this week. I only have 4 more rounds and then the webbing to go on it.
  4. I just love coming in here and looking at all the great color combo's on these things. Here's a preemie rr I did yesterday thought I'd put it in here too. clickable
  5. Wow such pretty colors on those RR's. They all look wonderfull. Here is my latest one. It is pretty small only 21 inches across, I'm giving it to my cat for a bed. Just need to think out how I might turn it into a pillow instead of just a rug. clickable.
  6. Everybody is still churning out some beauties. I'm going to do some more on my spiderman rr tomorrow (or really later today I guess) I got 3 rows added to my blended rr today.
  7. That is a really cool look Lisa! Great RR's everybody. I think I'm going to start another one tonight for a baby ghan. I still need to work on the spidey one too.
  8. That is a really cool look Lisa! Great RR's everybody. I think I'm going to start another one tonight for a baby ghan. I still need to work on the spidey one too.
  9. As usual there are many pretty RR's. My spidey rr is still on hold but maybe soon I'll do some more on it.
  10. Those are all some great looking RR's love all the colors. I haven't done any more on my spidey ghan maybe next week.
  11. I worked on my spiderman rr till I ran out of the red so I'm on hold with it for now. Caly- don't be afraid this thread helps keep you motivated on it and they work up really quick and you can stop at what ever size you want. I made 2 small ones for rugs and a medium one for a wall hanging in just a week or so.
  12. I finished my DD rr and have picked back up the spiderman rr I'm on row 18 of it now.
  13. Wow so many pretty ones out there. Lady I love that one too and am making some granny squares with that now for my MIL I'll add pics of it to my blog soon. Here is my DD's "sun" so far. I think I'll add a row or 2 of red and then one more black and it's done.
  14. I'm on row 26 now of my DD "sun" RR. Everyone's is so pretty all the wonderful colors being used.
  15. Lol my next color is the hot pink DD says she wants lots of it
  16. Wow those are some pretty RR being cranked out. I haven't decided if I'm loving this one I'm doing now or not but it's for my 4 year old and she loves it so that's all that matters in the end haha. She's telling me if she wants more rows of a color or if it's enough of a color for her so that helps. It's going to be bright so put on those sunglasses before looking clickable. The next color is a hot pink.
  17. I got 10 rows on my spiderman RR before having to stop and wait till I get some blue and started my DD's and am at row 11 on it. Had to stop for a bit and get some squares for a comfortghan done I'll get back to it tomorrow.
  18. Thanks everybody. I really like seeing all the pretty colors everybodies doing. Aussie- I used that "I love this yarn" from Hobby Lobby I think it's thick enough to hold up. I haven't put anything under it yet but will since they are pretty slick on that tile and I need to block them a bit since some of the points want to curl up.
  19. I see many beautifull ones you guys are doing. I would LOVE that 6 point pattern figures it would be out of print lol. I finished my bath set and here they are in the place. Excuse the bathroom we are in a middle of a remodel hence the new rugs clickable The long bath rug is a tunisian stitch one I did a few weeks ago. Now I'm doing the first few rows on my spiderman one then I'll start on my DD's "sun" one since I don't have the blue for the spiderman one yet.
  20. Ok the big one is the finished one the little one is only 5 or so rows from being done. They are made out of "I love this yarn" black and creme with a G hook. The big one is about 27" and the smaller one will be about 16" wide. I'm going to try these as rugs in the bathroom. clickable My next one will be real bright colors in Caron SS.
  21. I just finished my first one, now tomorrow I will do my other one for the bathroom and also get pictures and info on the finished one up on here. I too have a spiderman one in the need to do list and a sunset colored one for my DD I asked her if she wanted one and she said yes but she wants it to hang on her wall cause it looks like a sun and she wants to look at it from her bed so I'm thinking up some good sunset like colors for it. I think I'll use caron ss for it.
  22. I'm on row 19 of mine. Everybodies looks great I'll get a picture up of mine later today or tomorrow. I want to do one with bright colors I just realized yesterday that everything I'm working on right now is black! I don't know how that happened but it sure wears my eyes out lol
  23. I'm going to try to start mine tomorrow. It's going to be black and off white. I'm going to try using that new yarn "I love this yarn" from Hobby Lobby I made a halter top for DD and really like it.
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