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    I am married and have a beautiful son. I try to crochet as often as I can.
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    crocheting, my baby, and my husband. I also love to read romance novels. I also make wine.
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    Stay at home mom to my son and my husband, (hehe)
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    Since Nov. 2005 (I learned the basics in 1997 but just didn't get it at the age of 9)
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    Things for my family i recently made a teddy bear for my son, I also am trying to make things to for my stepfather to sale for me.
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  1. I'm going to make her two blankets. One lumberjack for in the winter because it's so thick. and the granny ghan for in the summer. I always try to make the infant blankets with holes in them because both my son and nephews liked to pull blankets over thier heads when they were babies, and it makes me feel better that if they do that, that they can still breath through the blanket.
  2. My sister called me last night freaking out cause she wanted to know if I started the blanket yet. She wanted to switch colors. So now it's Pink and Brown.
  3. I love those diaper cakes. I used to work in a deli and one of the bakery ladies made them. I had her make one for my cousin when she was pregnant. My son stole my fleece blanket that we had in the living room. It was a huge one and he was only a year old at the time, so I cut it in half and crochet a cute border around it. I figured when one was dirty, I could swap them and he wouldn't know the difference.
  4. I'm going to bring this back around. seems like I have another baby shower to attend. My sister is having her first baby so I need to think of a pattern. I'm stuck between three patterns. Either the lumberjack, giant granny, or a ripple. I'm using Pink and Black. So, anyone wanna do this with me?
  5. Here is my favorite, no traingles involved lol. I like the ponchos' long so i just Made 2 big rectangles and made sure there was room for my head when it was done. http://www.michaels.com/art/online/projectsheet?pid=24232&categoryid=
  6. hi I'm having a problem with this pattern http://www.angelfire.com/ca4/crochetlady/black_and_white_poncho.html k i got to I think the 8th row and noticed that the points are turning to the left. at rnd 3 and 5, it says to do 2dc, ch 2, 3dc. but if i do that then the poncho starts to turn, can anyone help me?
  7. Hi I live in Beaver PA what part do you live in?
  8. I have a Spiderman Ripple to make for my nephew so I'll jump in when I get the yarn.
  9. You'll find it gets easier and it also goes so quickly you'll look up and say wow look how muck I've done lol.
  10. It's called Woodland Heather this is the first time I saw it at wal-mart but then again I usually use red heart I only used caron ss this time because the shinyness (I know I can't spell lol:think) makes it blend better to me at least I think so.
  11. Hey everyone I made a blanket in this CAL before and that one led to this one so I am jumping back in and here are my colors The aunt of my friend who I made a baby blanket for seen it and asked if I could make her one for her couch in green so here I am again lol oh well it's a good thing I love to crochet.
  12. I have almost one panel of my steelers lumberjack ghan done. It's going to be over 6 1/2 feet long! which is good I guess cause my mom has a king size water bed and my step father is a little over 6 ft tall! wish me luck on this it's taking longer than I expected.
  13. i sorta do that, i'll work on one project till i'm bored with it or i run out of yarn and i'll move on to the next project. I am so close to being done with it that i keep saying a little more and i'll switch but it never happens so with this one i am going to finish it before i move on to the next one lol:hook :hook :hook
  14. I started my steelers lumberjack ghan a week ago then remembered i still had half of an afghan to make one of my sisters for x mas so i must make myself finish that before i make my lumberjack ghan lol (must concentrate).
  15. which "burgh" are you talking about Pittsburgh? because i live about 45-60 min north of there in Beaver PA
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