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  1. I got two ROAKS today. Thank you to the elf that sent me a card and some peanut butter cookies for my pup Jerry Lee. He really loved them and they are already gone. I really appreciate the recipe so I could make more for him. Also thank you to another elf for the wonderful box of bath items. I can't wait to try out the foaming bath and the bath beads. They both smell so good. Thank you so much to both of you.
  2. I received a wonderful package from a TX elf today. She sent me the 2010 Annie's Attic Afghan calendar. I'm already planning on making at least half of them. Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift.
  3. Oh I love this time of year. How fun! any crochet gourmet holiday patterns. I love their patterns subscription to Crochet Today bath soaps or bubble baths cable knitting needles :santaknitting row counters crochet calendar a book that you've enjoyed I love trying new authors anything German shepherd related (we have a 7.5 months old pup) any sort of surprise
  4. Wow Linda that is so pretty. I love the colors in it.
  5. Here is a pic of the angel ghan. One from the fair and one after I got home.
  6. Linda congrats on finishing the quilt. It always feels so good to finish a major project.
  7. That's where my phobia is too I actually enjoy sewing the saltines together sometimes. It's sort of like Judy with weaving the ends in. Just hopped in to tell you that both of the saltine ghans I entered into the fair won ribbons. The angel won 1st and the PTC won 2nd.
  8. That's for sure. I think it's time for a school holiday:devil
  9. Morning everyone. Been busy with the Sky CAL and work and the girls. You know the regular. LOL I wanted to stop in and let Mary know to add 44 solids for me. I've been working on my scrappy doo whenever I have a few minutes in the truck to work on them.
  10. Hey everyone. I have all the saltines made for the PTC Now it's just finishing up the sewing and then the border. I have 23 more solids to report too.
  11. Linda the pictures look great. That cake is adorable. I have 23 more solids to report today. I have one more block ready to get sewn together. And now my neighbor is talking about me making another one in different colors for her DD. They both like the design alot.
  12. Judy yeah it would. But it's almost there and I even have the border figured out. I just hope it looks as good on the ghan as it does in my head Mary I'm sorry you don't have a fair around. This is my first time entering ours. I'm looking forward to it.
  13. Okay I went ahead and entered it. Now I just need to finish it
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