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Wooden hook cases


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Here are some wooden hook cases that my DH and I made.


DH made the two on the bottom, I made the two on top and did the finishing on them all.


These will hold an amazing number of hooks, E-K plus 2 steel hooks in this one.


I discovered that I really enjoy working with wood.

Does wood count as fiber? :lol

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OOOOOOOHHHHHHH! I love wood! (I am seriously hinting for a set of T-O-C hooks for Christmas! Now, I would LOVE one of those cases for my other hooks!


(ok, that is just as annoying as people asking you to whip up an aghan for them for free)


But, do let us know if there is an ebay sale !!!

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OK, I would like to order the one on the bottom. And if your DH could make two more just like it I will take those too for my boys to carry school pens and pencils in.




(ok, only half kidding - do you take Visa?)

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:hugThanks everyone for your kind comments...

DH made the bottom two to get me to be quite about something to put my hooks in :lol. Then when our DD saw them and declared that she needed at least 1...DH said that if any more were made I would be making them. :devil He doesn't have alot of patience for some things.

These took an unbelieveable amount of time to make...about 6-8 hours each. The bottom two were made from some very old oak furniture legs (they are sentimental to me). The top one was made from dead wood, a popular tree limb that had fell in our back yard. Second from the top had been a cedar fence post the had served its' purpose.

I really like making these.

Thanks :manyheart

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Those look great! Nice job!:manyheart and its neat how they all have a story/history. That's probably the best part. :) hmmmm, I'm seeing another blog-auction...not unlike Jimbo's hooks :D (you could team up, widgets on each-other's blogs...okay, back out of daydreamville)

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