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  1. Information is posted in the very first post, didn't you read it?
  2. Trisha I would LOVE that! Yes Crown Point is just a stones throw away! In fact my favorite grocery store is in Crown Point! Please let me know when you are coming this way and able to meet up....would love to share a coffee or a lunch with you and talk crochet!
  3. kittyloverdeb


    Those are just adorable! Wish I could make animals but the head always flops when I try....never sits straight!
  4. Hey Trisha ~ wish I lived just a little bit closer but being from Northwest IN it is a bit of a drive.
  5. And maybe once they are blocked they will look closer to the pattern ones?
  6. It's beautiful and looks super fast and easy! Thank you for sharing!
  7. Well I've been stuck on an afghan for over 3 nights now! I'm doing the Holiday Cables Throw by RedHeart and have been stuck on rows 49 and 50! Finally at bedtime last night the light bulb clicked on! I figured out what I'm doing wrong! Now I can't wait to get back and frog that stupid row for the 5th time! LOL
  8. Reni I am so, so sorry! I have not been on here regularly in some time now. Yes I completed the blanket. I washed it on cold gentle in the washer and put it in the dryer on delicate. It didn't dry it all the way but I was so afraid it would felt! So I hung it over the shower curtain to finish drying and it turned out beautiful and oh so very soft! If you do wash it this way, be aware that when it is damp the smell is horrible! Must be the wool in it. But once dry it was fine!
  9. I was just there and tried to use the $5 coupon and they wouldn't let me. They said what I bought was already discounted. It said off the total purchase so not sure why I couldn't use the coupon.
  10. I may as well join too! I haven't been on here very much lately so maybe this will motivate me to check in more often. I have a few afghans that I'm currently working on so hopefully I will be able to complete them pretty soon!
  11. Started an afghan with this yarn over the weekend. While I LOVE the yarn, the texture, softness and drape of it...I'm concerned that it is a "hand wash" and "air dry" yarn.
  12. Wow looks like everyone is petering out on this one! (((sigh)))
  13. I am SO far behind on mine! I joined a CAL and it's been taking up all of my time. I haven't worked on my temperature blanket in probably 5 weeks! Keeping track of the temps daily tho so I can play catch up soon!
  14. I to played catch-up last night but I was only 4 days behind. I need to take the time to weave in some ends! I have a feeling this blanket may become one of my favorites!
  15. Yes I did find the pattern and any advice/help is most welcome Krys! There are really some adorable patterns on that site!
  16. That is just adorable! I'm off to find the pattern!
  17. I've been pretty consistent since I started mine. I may miss a day here and there but doing 2 rows instead of 1 to catch up is no big deal. I find that I MUST crochet a little bit every day....my day isn't complete if I don't. So instead of working on whatever project I have going, I pick up my temperature blanket first and do the days row THEN I work on my project. Not saying this will work the entire year for me but right now it seems to be!
  18. I'm up to date on mine but still don't have pictures. I'm concerned tho that this thing is going to be HUGE! I may have to do a January to July and then another one July to December!
  19. Oh Darski that cupcake trim is adorable! I was working on another project last night and I forgot all about my temperature afghan until it was time to go to bed. I'll have to do 2 rows tonight. Hopefully I can get a picture uploaded here soon. Jessicali I hope you have a fun time in Pennsylvania. I've never been there! Wish I could do some traveling...I'd go somewhere warm and sunshiny tho!
  20. Okay so I'm all caught up and I must say that I really like how the colors are playing out! I will have to take a picture and post it. Since we are in the negative numbers here temp wise for the next few days, I think I will many rows of purple!
  21. That is a good idea darski but I was so itching to start and I looked at a few different patterns last night. Finally started around 8:00 pm! I just went with the Spectrum pattern. It's easy, mindless and I think I should be able to catch up fairly quick. I really didn't want to do squares and had my heart set on that C2C until I realized you could probably cover my entire front yard with the darn thing when it was completed! Not to mention the amount of time (and yarn) it would take!
  22. Hmmmm....that's a definite possiblility! Thanks for the link Darski. I managed to pick up the yarn today so can start this evening, hopefully. Maybe I can do a square a month? I'll have to see how big 15 rows in would be. That would work for the months with 30 days but for 31 days (like this month) or 29 days (like February) what would I do? This old brain and numbers just don't mix!
  23. Is it too late to join y'all? I went back and looked up all the average temps we've had so far and wrote them down. I think I would like to do a C2C blanket. Will do the increase rows until July 1st and then start the decrease rows. I want to stick with the colors that they are using with the Bernat Satin however, I don't care for the Satin and I also don't see all of those colors. Thinking of using Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn because of the color choices and besides, it's one of my favorite yarns. Just not sure when I will have the chance to actually get this yarn. Hopefully tomorrow
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