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  1. love your patterns and i was looking for the perfect top today and I just found it. Thank you
  2. I made this to match my DGD's hockey team colors. i found a pattern for skates on Etsy and adjusted them to fit her doll. Thank you Darski for the wonderful pattern. My DGD put one of the socks on upside down.
  3. I think it is adoreable and I will probably make it after Christmas as everything has fallen apart in my life right now and I have not time to myself.....welcome to family and the holidaysLOL
  4. love this, I am trying to make up some for Chrtistmas presents
  5. wow awesome, I really need to get busy crocheting for Christmas
  6. oh do I remember the curlers, I really really need to get busy
  7. love it, once a gain an awesome idea
  8. Darski, that is wonderful as everything you design. I wish I had 1% of your talent.
  9. It was easy that way too. I hope that some little boy loves it. I can't give it to my grandson as I haven't finidhed his sister's and I can't give one to one and not the other. I decided to take a name from the giving tree and gift it that way.
  10. I finally finished the afghan for my grandson with the varigated. I picked the colors out of the varigated to use in the solids and used two strands of varigated for the mixture. i used a J hook, hdc, and each square is 11" square
  11. I am in a quandry, I wish I had a brain before I bought yarn. I bought Earth and Sky varigated and chocolate brown. Now I realize that they might not work for the "varigated portion as the one is alreadhy varigated. Should I try something else or stick with these and see whare they go?
  12. Darski, another great pattern, every girl needs a new Christmas nightie. Love it.
  13. Darlene, that is wonderful, thank you for another great pattern.
  14. that is great, I have a son in the Navy and I may have to find a boy of similiar size to make one for him
  15. Darski, that is a great pattern. I can't wait to try it
  16. I use a knife grip and sometimes have pain after crocheting for too many hours (is that possible to crochet too many hours?). I know that my DD has pain with her pencil grip but she crochets way too tight and I think that is more likely the cause
  17. Darski, that is awesome. It reminds me of a little French Girl I once knew
  18. I think that we all agree that you have done an amazing job and so quickly. Congrats on the crown and sceptor..well deserved and it is nice to see if being held by a great lady...maybe it should come with maid service.
  19. Krystal...they both look wonderful...I really like the idea thatn they will have doll blankets to go with their comfortghans.
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