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    Married with 5 fur babies
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    Merrillville, IN
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    CROCHET, reading, kitty cuddling!
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    Office Manager for a Construction Management Company
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    baby gifts (afghans, sweaters, buntings, regular afgahns)
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  1. Information is posted in the very first post, didn't you read it?
  2. Trisha I would LOVE that! Yes Crown Point is just a stones throw away! In fact my favorite grocery store is in Crown Point! Please let me know when you are coming this way and able to meet up....would love to share a coffee or a lunch with you and talk crochet!
  3. kittyloverdeb


    Those are just adorable! Wish I could make animals but the head always flops when I try....never sits straight!
  4. Hey Trisha ~ wish I lived just a little bit closer but being from Northwest IN it is a bit of a drive.
  5. And maybe once they are blocked they will look closer to the pattern ones?
  6. It's beautiful and looks super fast and easy! Thank you for sharing!
  7. Well I've been stuck on an afghan for over 3 nights now! I'm doing the Holiday Cables Throw by RedHeart and have been stuck on rows 49 and 50! Finally at bedtime last night the light bulb clicked on! I figured out what I'm doing wrong! Now I can't wait to get back and frog that stupid row for the 5th time! LOL
  8. I was just there and tried to use the $5 coupon and they wouldn't let me. They said what I bought was already discounted. It said off the total purchase so not sure why I couldn't use the coupon.
  9. I may as well join too! I haven't been on here very much lately so maybe this will motivate me to check in more often. I have a few afghans that I'm currently working on so hopefully I will be able to complete them pretty soon!
  10. Know the State...just need to figure out the lucky gal!
  11. How could you possibly know who it's for when there have been no clues posted? Man are you GOOD! I usually can't figure out who it's going to even after all the clues have been posted!
  12. How stinking adorable! Think this one is my favorite by far! Love the colors and the little witch is so dang cute!
  13. So wait....is this just very small granny squares? Where are the "beads" at? I'm confused!
  14. I've seen it somewhere...not that it helps any that I have no idea where I've seen it! I think it may be an old Annie's Crochet book. You know those small ones that came in the mail years and years ago?
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