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  1. than you Granny Square I will try your kitchen table idea I used to just make doilies and drs told me to try bigger yarn but I may have to try thread again. It's my first love g
  2. I have a lot of issues with my hands and was wondering when I can get back to crocheting, I have an afghan that's almost finished. I just think it so heavy to work on my lap bulky yarn because at the time was easy on my hands. Any hints as to how to deal with it? Would love to hear any ideas
  3. Hi It is a corner to corner type shawl-blanket. from what I read the decrease happens with the next section after you have crocheted the length There won't be gaps because slip stitching across will be the decrease on the ends. I hope I helped.
  4. I have used pencil or pen grips that I found in the office supply for larger aluminum hooks I have the same issues with my hands and use wood because its light and the weight of aluminum causes me problems at times I also use plastic if its not a tight stitch and gauge doesn't matter
  5. I love counted cross stitch almost as much as crochet.
  6. Thank you so much! I can't wait to try this pattern.
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