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    since about 1978
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    anything in thread
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  1. pineapplequeen

    Snowflake pillow

    Just beautiful!!
  2. pineapplequeen

    Q Snaps- SOLD

    If anyone is interested I have 11x11, 8x8 and 6x6 q snaps with the grime protectors. Selling the set for $30 plus shipping
  3. pineapplequeen

    Mike & Molly

    I also have been looking for the pattern for the afghan on there bed. So far no luck.
  4. pineapplequeen

    Another doily in size 80 yarn (DMC ecru)

    That's just beautiful!
  5. pineapplequeen

    Tea Time Doily

    Very pretty!!
  6. pineapplequeen

    Pinwheel Doily

    That's so pretty!!
  7. pineapplequeen

    Endless Love Doily

    So pretty!!
  8. pineapplequeen

    Six new doilies in ecru

    Just beautiful!
  9. pineapplequeen

    Four more new doilies in ecru

    Very pretty!
  10. pineapplequeen

    May Baskets and Pineapples Doily

    That's so pretty!
  11. pineapplequeen

    Irish Mystique Doily

    Love it!!
  12. pineapplequeen

    Four new doilies in ecru

    Very pretty!!
  13. pineapplequeen

    Shamrock Doily

    Just beautiful!!
  14. pineapplequeen

    Some more doilies in various shapes and sizes

    Beautiul work!
  15. pineapplequeen

    Just finished another with the Viola Pattern

    That's so pretty!