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  1. She is adorable! Love how tiny she is in that car seat. She will grow fast enough. Congratulations to the family!
  2. Good Morning all! After last weekend we need a weekend with no plans so my husband can study for his upcoming medical boards. Had my monthly DAR meeting yesterday then met a friend for coffee to stay out of the house longer . Church last night then home to watch Justice League . DVRd it a while ago. Nothing planned for today. I still havent started reading Julie Andrews' memoir that I bought in November so I might do that today.
  3. Went to Disney yesterday and wore my handmade Beauty and the Beast ears that I stiffened by adding plastic canvas. Lots of compliments. Then we went to a fundraiser for the Give Kids the World Villiage which provides free accomodations to Make A Wish families as they visit Orlando theme parks. The fundraiser was An Evening With Jodi Benson. She is the voice of Ariel, The Little Mermaid. Quiet day today. Went to help my friend stuff envelopes at her job. Then a quck stop by the preschool to talk to the director about a project. Hope everyone is having a great day
  4. Good Morning! Quiet day today. I may head to joanns for some plastic canvas. It really worked well in the last pair of mickey ears so i am going to try and fix two other pairs I made that are too floppy without it
  5. I buy them at Joanns i dont know the brand name. I finished the hats for my coworker. Not sure what to do next. Need some motivation
  6. Getting caught up on projects. I have a request for a beige hat so I will look for a pattern today.
  7. Finished the ears, made a penny bracelet for a friend (sadly the tool I bought for making the bracelet broke but i got it done).
  8. Good morning. I am working on a pair of mickey mouse ears. Aladdin genie theme. Have a great day !
  9. Awesome! R2 is my all time favorite Star Wars character!
  10. DH and I had fun at the sing along. Its a long movie and we had to be up early so we left at intermission. Spent another weekend at the Epcot festival of the arts hanging around my favorite artist. Told her handler Monday as I was leaving "Ok, Michael, Im out of your hair until next year!" Had to work in the toddler room (or as I call it 'track and field') yesterday. Love my babies and all the hugs! Day off today so I need to work on some crochet. Must go to Joanns, rats! A coworker wants 2 hats and a new friend I met last weekend wants Aladdin genie Mickey Ears.
  11. Ugh! I started developing a cough yesterday and the timing cannot be worse! My husband bought us tickets, weeks ago for the Sound of Music sing along movie tonight! I will be sucking on cough drops and drinking cough syrup all day today trying to rescue my voice! Send up a good thought for me. Silly, I know, but Dh and I have been looking forward to this. I also need my voice to sing tomorrow or Sunday but I cant talk about that now. Will fill you in if it actually happens.
  12. Just realized I didnt post a picture of my completed pillow.
  13. I think I will check out Eureka. It sounds like something I would enjoy. If you like shows about geniuses solving problems check out Scorpion. Working today in the Infant room. Or "choir practice" as I like to call it. Have a great day everyone.
  14. https://www.forbes.com/sites/victoriaforster/2020/01/21/why-you-should-never-ever-use-crochet-tampons/amp/ this is not really a thing is it? Ugh!
  15. Welcome to the ville! We look forward to seeing your projects.
  16. My replacement piece came from sacred art jewelry so I finished my rosary. I call it my golden lasso!
  17. I cant wait to see what you come up with. There are so many ways to use beads and jewelry in prayer.
  18. The company is sending me the correct centerpiece and a prepaid return envelope for the incorrect piece they sent. Very happy with this customer service. sacred art jewelry in florida. Lyn, 4 laps is a good start! Its 4 more than I did today😄 Be patient with yourself.
  19. Have to go into work today. I will be in the infant rooms which I affectionately refer to as Choir Practice. There are times when babies get tired and cranky and they start "singing" together. I still love them all.
  20. Got my package and they sent the wrong piece. So disappointed. I contacted the company aboit it and now waiting for the response So my rosary will have to wait . This is the only place online that has the centerpiece I want so I have no option other than to hope they can fix my order.
  21. This is the design i decided on for my pillow cover. The pocket will have either "Pray Always" or "Rosary" or something like that on it. For holdi g a prayer card , rosary, etc. I am going to embroider the design. The pillow is 10x10
  22. Waiting on my package to be delivered so I can finish my Rosary. I will try and start my embroidery project. Just trying to decide on the final design
  23. Spent some time this morning helping my friend organize and put away the Church Christmas decorations. Not much else going on today. Quiet Sunday.
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