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  1. I like what you have done so far. Add the husks and I would hang it on my door!
  2. Had to make a second pair of doggie headband ears. Apparently the first doggie has a room mate. I think the owners like the ears more than the doggies.
  3. Amelia is beautiful! Glad everyone is well. Her Knights (brothers) will take good care of her I am sure.
  4. Im still here but not much to share. I am working more, which is good , I honestly doubted I still had a job. The powers that be at the parish are all crying that there is no money.
  5. Im in orlando with dh for his conference. I can see Disney from my window but cant get there. No park reservations to be had and no hotel shuttle to Disney springs until 5:00pm. Ive been staying in the room (watching you tube videos ) and dh and I go out for dinner after his lectures are done. Tonight my boys are comong for dinner at the hotel. So happy as I have not seen our older son since January.
  6. Poor Doggy. I don't think he likes them as much as his grandma
  7. She thought she could ..... but she was Friday night Teacher Tired .... so she didnt! (First week back is the most exhausting of the whole year!)
  8. ratdog


    On your foundation chain you crochet some multiple of 4 (4,8,16,20,24,28,32,...) and then add 2 more stitches. Depending on how wide your ptoject is determines your starting chain. If you were using this stitch pattern for a pot holder you might start with 20+2. If you were making a lapghan it might be 64+2
  9. Well, everything must be perfect in the photos they post on instagram!
  10. Good afternoon, Been cross stitching non stop for 3 days. Making progress.
  11. Just saw online that our Sheriff has FORBIDDEN deputies to wear masks while on duty or in the office. His rationale is that for every expert claiming masks help he can find an expert to say they dont. We are never getting this thing under control if this is the leadership we have.
  12. So much to be proud of Krys. Its our jobs as moms to share. Glad to hear your family is doing well.
  13. I agree the post office is a bit strange sometimes. I once had a package go from Orlando (1 1/2 hrs south of me) to Jacksonville (about 2 hrs north of me) then finally to Ocala for delivery.
  14. Love how you slipped in the "Proud Mom Brag" My turn! My son just texted me a photo of his Masters Degree in Mathematics. He is in a PhD program and, as he put it, the Masters is just what you get along the way.
  15. Good Morning! Waiting for my new lap frame for cross stitch to arrive today. Also my friend is dropping off yarn so I can make a teddy bear ears headband for her daughters golden retriever. I guess nobody has a golden or a lab because I asked here and on reddit if someone could measure their dogs head circumfrence and give me an idea of how big to make this. No responses on either forum so I am just going to wing it and hope for the best.
  16. Ok WARNING Rant Ahead! I am so disappointed in our state and county lack of leadership. Our mayor (who seriously has never really had to do anything in his tenure other than attend Eagle Scout ceremonies and Constitution week assembly) has decided to VETO a mask mandate for schools. Hopefully our county school board will vote to overturn this veto. This is about health. This guy has already told people and the police/sheriff that assembly of any size is ok. Bars can open and dont bother enforcing anything. Ok Rant Over. Any further action /opinion will be expressed at the polls.
  17. Im putting down the crochet hooks for a while and taking up the cross stitch after about a 2 decade hiatus. Cross stitchnos much slower than crochet and cooler in August than a large afghan. (Also less expensive than a large afghan). I will try and cross stitch a picture of Belle. Copying a friend's painting so no kit. I had to pick out my own colors and try and trace the painting onto graph paper. We'll see how it goes.
  18. Good evening friends, I was working a few days last week ar the preschool. The teacher i was covering for was out waiting for covid test results. On Wednesday the test came back positive so the kids were sent home for the rest of the week and this whole week. I was in contact with the kids but not the teacher so I have been staying home through the weekend. (Who am I kidding I have basically been home since March!). I feel fine so I am going out tomorrow to pick up some craft supplies -wearing my mask!
  19. My friend wants me to crochet a snood/hood for her daughters golden retriever. (Basically a crocheted strip with teddy bear ears that ties inder the dogs chin) If anyone has a golden or lab and could measure the circumfrence of the dogs head so I know how long to make the strip I would appreciate it! Thank you!
  20. Waiting on the plumber. Im supposedly his second job today. Inhope he gets here soon because I am supposed to be at work at 12. Tick tock!
  21. Im glad they are home safe. We sometimes take for granted how dangerous space travel can be. And speaking of safe, Iasais is staying off the coast and is not very well organized. Impact will be less than originally thought. We will have the effects through tomorrow.
  22. We are just outside the cone. My kids will get rain, tropical storm watch , but they are smart enough to prepare and stay home and stay safe. (They wont be out driving, making videos or surfing in a storm). Hopefully we wont get anything until after we are home from Church tomorrow night.
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