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    happily married mom with two kids
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    at home
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    crochet, read, bead, craft, learning tot at etc
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    full time mom
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    learned 1st in 4th grade, picked it back up in 1996, haven't stopped since
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    thread, kids and baby stuff, toys--dolls/doll clothes, clothes, own designs
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  1. Momcrochets

    Spring broom dolls

  2. Momcrochets

    Dress Embellishment

    gorgeous! can't wait to see the skirt that goes with it. that will be amazing, I'm sure. and, segue, I saw your Irish Crochet book in my Hobby Lobby just the other day. It was exciting to see it there and be able to say "I know her...well, kinda"
  3. Momcrochets

    My dolly dolls!

    very cute
  4. Momcrochets

    A REALLY cool hook

    such a cool hook! good to see Dippy, too
  5. Momcrochets

    C’Ville February 2013 Tote

    another pretty bag, MaryJo! elementary v-day wasn't always good for me. but I usually got one valentine from one classmate, sometimes more. most teachers weren't pushing the "all or none" plan yet, in my school. so only a few, whose parents did follow that policy, actually included me. Now, however, DH usually is romantic enough to remember the day, and we give each other something. We also try to have a date-in that weekend (as others have said, going out is crazy). so we stay in, open a bottle of sparkling juice and watch a video. (and usually skip the over priced roses for something else. ) another very pretty bag, and I'm sure the next bag lady will love it.
  6. Momcrochets

    Question About Designing

    generally, if you make something up out of your head, you've designed something original. It has been known to happen that two completely unrelated people have come up with extremely similar designs, even close to the same time. In some ways, there is a limit to the variations or designs. (A hat is a hat is a hat, and all that) But creativity is limitless, and I think it would be fair to say that you designed at least part of that hat. there are plenty of threads on here that discuss copyright, design, and so on, that may help you even more. As a rule of thumb, a stitch in and of itself cannot be copyrighted, though the particular way of writing it can be, particularly a complex stitch. Also a basic idea (ie purse, hat, etc) cannot be copywritten. How you apply the mechanics and stitches you've learned, and what you do with them, can be entirely unique to you, and therefore, your original design. I hope that helps answer your question.
  7. Momcrochets

    Free AA Thread Crinoline Lady book at Freepatterns.com

    I had to get it, if only for the pink pineapple pillowcase crinoline lady! (love the doily ones far more than the 3-d ones in this book, myself)
  8. Momcrochets


    WOW those are amazing! so many cute designs!
  9. Momcrochets

    Free AA Thread Crinoline Lady book at Freepatterns.com

    still free. great find. Thanks! I snagged one too!
  10. Momcrochets

    Crochet & Knit Doll & Donut

    dolly is just darling! the whole ensemble is fun
  11. Momcrochets

    Wedding Bouquet

    lovely bouquet! you did a good job. congrats to your friends
  12. Momcrochets

    Piggy Peeps

    very sweet
  13. Momcrochets

    Pattern Directory Log In help

    yes. the pattern directory is on crochetville.com, not .org But, it's early enough in the game, so to speak, that you may be able to create an account with the same username you use here for the 'ville. We have a twin set of sites. the village (crochetville.org) forum, and the .com site, full of blog, patterns and more. HTH
  14. Momcrochets

    I need your input, please

    I prefer the shape of the boye heads over the bates heads. that said, I primarily use my bamboo-clover-takumi hooks, or "steelies" (crocheting with thread). Coming from that, I can't say I've ever used an Addi hook, but if they're anything like the Addi knitting needles I've seen (and heard rave reviews over), I'm thinking an Addi-Jimbo crochet hook would be gorgeous. And then maybe I could get a Jimbo hook in "my size", lol