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    learned 1st in 4th grade, picked it back up in 1996, haven't stopped since

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  1. cute! love the cowl neck sweater...and all the pink-n-white!
  2. I imagine the seller created that style on her own. HTH
  3. check crochetpatterncentral.com here's what I came up with, just typing "cradle purse" into the search bar. http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/search.php HTH
  4. Soo precious! TYFS Love the little hat! I grew up with buttercups in the back yard, always loved those bits of yellow sunshine in the grass
  5. excited to hear about the response of your friend. I know she will have to love it! Such a sweet gift. (Please do let us know when your friend receives her Pretty in Pink doll ) (I know I would...she's darling...and my favorite colors besides... But then, all your dolls are so cute! )
  6. Oh she is so DARLING! Exquisite! (Can I be your friend too? ) i am in love with your pink darling girl You have done a fantastic job on her!
  7. sweetiesgirl, your lil angel is darling! the hat looks so cute on him! Helen, I'll let you know how it turns out, once I get it done. (I haven't even started yet )
  8. That's about how I feel too. My biggest rant with AA is actually their shipping costs, handling etc. if you buy one booklet for $7, it comes very close to doubling in price after shipping, tax, and handling. I find that excessive. I realize they're trying to make it easy, by having a standardized scale for shipping (or have things changed very recently), and also to tempt you to buy more (you can still spend $x and get this shame shipping amount) ...but one booklet does not cost over $5 to ship! As a result, I almost never order through that particular company.
  9. I want to try it in thread, too...for a keychain (It will have to be stiffened, I know) for a secret sister thing I'm in--she loves baseball...problem is that she knows I crochet--I'll save it for the "reveal" month. But this will be great for gifts for new babies too...especially the little boys...
  10. adorable! (now to find a 15.5" aqua baby (or something close enough) that needs this outfit...
  11. Oh this ensemble is just DARLING!! I'm putting it on my list and I know one thing DD is getting for Christmas--this! Thank you so much for sharing this adorable pattern.
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