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  1. Thanks for all the tips and suggestions. I am now trying to have the cone very sit close to me on the ground on my left (I'm a righty) and that is working well. The only problem I have now is that sometimes I like to crochet off both ends of the ball, if I don't want to break the thread and I need to do another small piece before I finish the main piece I am working on (I hate weaving in ends). I don't think it can be done with a cone, but if it can, I am sure some brilliant C'viller will tell me how. From one cone, I made a giraffe for DD for Christmas and am now making a hooded baby bla
  2. I just bought my first large cone of peaches and creme cotton yarn. Any tips about how to crochet directly off the cone? I almos have to stand directly over it to pull smoothly. Finally I made a small center-pull ball, still connected to the cone, and I keep adding to it when it runs out. Any tips - I hate to cut the yarn, but it is tough to bring that cone from room to room, much less on a trip out of the house.
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