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    married,no children but my 2 cats are my babies
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    Christmas ornaments,bookmarks,just about anything made from thread
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  1. I did not have a pattern but I did browse the web for ideas. They are about 3" tall
  2. I got to test again for Pepika A well written and very easy to follow pattern.I had fun crocheting this cute Santa!
  3. LOL I can't either unless I translate it
  4. Try her Etsy shope.she is on vacation until the 9th http://www.etsy.com/shop/esbelotta?ref=search_shop_redirect
  5. I just tried the website and it took me right to it.
  6. Another cute pattern from Barbara at www.esbelotta.com This goes with the Nativity Set and the the Three Wise Men.Pattern will be available soon. Thanks Barbara for once again allowing me to test it was fun and such an easy pattern to follow.
  7. Tampa Doll Is this just the cutest Clown??? Went out for a couple of errands this morning,came home and checked the mail. This just made my day!! Thank you so very much Mary Jo for thinking of me and taking the time to make this darling clown
  8. I was happy to get to test this for Pepika,This pattern is well written and easy to understand..This Baby Devil is just too cute! Thanks Sanda!!
  9. Saw this idea in a tatting forum so thought I would give it a try.I think it turned out nice.
  10. :hugMeet Mister Miller.. the problem solver. This is the new pattern in the Cute n' Cuddly Series. Pattern will be available soon http://www.etsy.com/shop/esbelotta/ Thanks Barbara for always letting me test
  11. I just LOVE this bear! Pattern is well written and very easy to understand.Thanks Barbara Pattern will be available soon and you will be able to find it here http://www.etsy.com/shop/esbelotta/
  12. You can find the pattern here http://www.etsy.com/shop/esbelotta/
  13. I love the Lizbeth size 20 I use it a lot for tatting. Been wanting to try it in the size 10 but just not enough yardage for the price.
  14. The new pattern in the Cute n' Cuddly Series @esbelotta The mouse is sooo cute Thanks yet again Barbara This was really fun to make and the pattern as always is very easy to understand.
  15. This little cutie is the newest pattern in the Cute n' Cuddly Series. From @esbelotta aka AmigurumiParadise,Thanks Barbara for allowing me to have such fun working this one up Pattern will be available soon.
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