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  1. Thanks I will have to try and find that book. Ty sunnywolfgar
  2. Love both doilys but my eyes keep going to #1.
  3. Any School Teacher would love your Apple Doily.
  4. That Valerie doily is really different. Is the center line going out, is it braided ? I am not sure. But it sure looks braided. I am also doing PK doilies all 99 Little doiles thru another group.
  5. Love your Blue Aquamarie doily. love the design of it.
  6. Love the 4 doilies in different colors. You do beautiful crochet.
  7. Amazing crochet doilys. May I ask what book is Doily #1 in ? I could see me crocheting that one, Oh so pretty.
  8. Thank you all....... howieann, Tampa Doll, cshort, greyhoundgrandma- I don't know if I would put purple ones on the christmas tree, altho its a thought to think aobut. I do have White Sowflake ones with swarovski beads in them for the Christmas tree. silverbelle29.
  9. Finished this the other day. Wanted to share and YES I plan to do all 99 Little Doilys. Patricia Kristofferson Doily #10 of 99. Started June 8. 2014. Finished June 16. 2014. 4" Inches Wide Across. Size 7 Crochet hook. Crocheted by Terry Devine aka sunnywolfgar. I used threads from my stash. Light Purple,Variegated Purples.
  10. so pretty. Your aunt will love it. I did this doily in the round one. Terry Devine aka sunnywolfgar
  11. Thank you , everybody for the nice comments on our March Doily. Startigerlily Peggy85225 cshort mathwizard Tampa Doll
  12. Yes, Afghanniac it is size 10 crochet thread by Aunt Lydia's. I call it our March doily-St Patrick Day. The gold color thread is suppose to be Gold coins , you know the pot of gold that March Brings. I did try to throw in a variegated rainbow color but I didn't have enough of it. so did away with that idea. So glad I got your thinking about getting out your old skinny hook again- crocheting with thread again.
  13. Thanks Skoggy, I love putting Swarovki Beads in my crocheting. I don't always do it. but when I do it looks wow.
  14. I can't beleive 2 months flew by so fast...Thanks granny square. would have been nice if they looked better. They was harder to make then I thought they would.
  15. ISO LOOKING FOR: Star thread? Its tatting thread Shade color is 143. If you look inside the hole under the bottom of the spool there are numbers under side the top tag. This thread is mostly variegated Pinks with a hint of green, here and there. I am looking for 5 if you have them. Let me know how many you have. We can do a trade on thread or books. Let me know. I am in the middle of a project and have 1 more left. Its just 60 yards. They are small spools. Hoping someone has some. sunnywolfgar
  16. Linda, I love your yellow n white Doily, its beautiful.
  17. WendyMarie I would love to see your First BMC. I tried looking thru your pictures but looks like all hunting people. I couldn't find just a Crochet Album. I have my thread bought and my BMC pattern. Want to wait till we get moved first before I get started on it. Its been on my to do list 3-4 years now.. I will either start it this year or next year that is my goal.
  18. Finished the Starshine Doily , Design by Kathryn White. It is pretty easy to do. Just took me awhile to do, there is alot going on. But got it done and I now have it up on Flicker link below and Ravelry also the link below. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunnywolfgar/sets/72157633798957945 http://www.ravelry.com/projects/sunnywolfgar/starshine-doily I am not to happy with my Clovers, I was using Picots and they came out ok. But you get the idea cause there are dark green clovers and a meduim green clover. I also used Swarovski Beads. Enjoy the pictures.
  19. Love the doily and Linda love the color its not red, not purple, not Burdengy . Love it
  20. Linda that is one beautiful doily, I love the color !
  21. Beautiful Pointsetta Doily , oh yes, I love the border to !
  22. Haven't done one like that yet. Very Pretty.
  23. Love your doily and the blue color. Love the center and how the outside part changes but yet looks good together.
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