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  1. Thanks, I'll try the yarn over at the end your way next time it sounds easier.
  2. Thank you so much for your continued help! The way I worked the even number rows was this: if it was a knit on the odd row, I purled it on the even row...if it was a purl on the odd row, I knit it on the even row. I really wasn't sure what to do... Another question...I found that once in a while you end up with a yarn over at the end of the row. Is there a special way to work that? I just y/o and turned but it felt weird and awkward to work
  3. I was able to knit a swatch successfully using multiples of 14, and completely ignoring the portion that is not colored. It slants though...guess it won't work for a dishcloth after all.
  4. Recieved the reply below when I asked for help with this pattern on knittinghelp.com...I'm going to try again following this advice, oh I hope this works! Are you repeating only the 14sts highlighted in pink? That'll balance out the stitch count so that you aren't losing sts. If you add in the sts on the left (8 blocks, not highlighted) you'll decrease one stitch every row until row 13. Lovely pattern! _______________
  5. I haven't seen this stitch anywhere else, but I am continuing to look... There have to be some written instructions out there somewhere.
  6. Still no luck with this pattern...frustrated!
  7. Thanks for your help everyone...I really hope we can get it figured out.
  8. Thanks, I'm going to give it another try...also, I cast on multiples of 14 + 9, is that correct? The problem I am having is that I keep coming up 1 stitch short on row 3.
  9. Can anyone help me with this pattern? For some reason, I can't figure it out...and I really want to knit a dishcloth from it! http://freeknitstitches.com/pattern.php?num=137&menu=3
  10. Laurabud, that is one fantastic afghan...great job!
  11. Yep...it's definitely a keeper - it's beautiful!!!
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