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  1. Laurabud, that is one fantastic afghan...great job!
  2. Yep...it's definitely a keeper - it's beautiful!!!
  3. Thank you Amelia! I use so many of your squares - I can't tell you how many people across the U.S. (and even outside the U.S.) have your designs in their Crochetville friendshipghans...you are so generous for sharing your hard work with us...
  4. I didn't crochet a single item for Christmas this year...so no...I'm not burned out! I may work on some things throughout this next year for the upcoming Christmas, but I don't enjoy crochet when it feels like work.
  5. I'd love to see a picture when you get it done! I bet it will be fabulous...
  6. I LOVE TURTLES!!!!! These are fantastic! Thanks...so very much!
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