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  1. I will be there too! Arriving Tuesday evening and staying until Sunday.
  2. I would be interested. Ive seen them over the years but have not ever made the investment to try it. I love how it looks.
  3. Wow! Lovely. I saw the RAL but have to much on my plate to join in. I love your result.
  4. I havent laughed this hard in a while!!!
  5. Love it! Just added it to my to do list!
  6. Beautiful! I like the color combination.
  7. Wow! What a beautiful Wrap! Thanks for the pattern link.
  8. Thanks for the information. I'll check out the sites!
  9. Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a yo-yo afghan. I am looking to make one as a gift but would like to make them attached to one another. Does anyone know where I can find a free pattern? Thanks
  10. That is a beautiful square! It makes up a nice blanket.
  11. Great bargain. Mine has had no yarn markdowns in a long time.
  12. Beautiful shawl. I love the color and pattern.
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