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  1. threadlover

    My latest freeform - Snowy Owl

    He's a cutie. Nice job. Marcia
  2. threadlover

    Russian Crochet Pillow Covers

    WOW! Those are beautiful. Marcia
  3. threadlover

    Xmas themed square

    Great looking square. Marcia
  4. threadlover

    Irish Rose Doily

    Very pretty. Nice job. Marcia
  5. threadlover

    Hearts Doily

    Great doily. Marcia
  6. threadlover

    Bee Gnome with Santa and Elf

    Those are just tooo cute. Marcia
  7. threadlover

    Snowman Stockings

    Those are just darling. Lucky people who get one. Marcia
  8. threadlover

    Christmas snowman and stocking

    Love them both. Marcia
  9. threadlover

    Butterfly Baby Blanket

    Love it. Marcia
  10. threadlover

    Harley Davidson logo blanket

    That is a great looking one. Nice job Marcia
  11. threadlover

    Color Waves Afghan

    That is so pretty. Love the color. Marcia
  12. threadlover

    Treasures of the Sun King Afghan

    That's a great looking afghan. Marcia
  13. threadlover

    Crochet Heart

    Very pretty heart. Marcia
  14. threadlover

    Pretty Pineapples

    Beautiful doily. Marcia
  15. threadlover

    Wild Rose Doily

    Beautiful pattern and colors. Marcia