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    crocheting,,other crafts
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    baby afghans,,pretty much crochet just aobut anything but clothes
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    50 years now
  1. Thanks I will have to try and find that book. Ty sunnywolfgar
  2. Love both doilys but my eyes keep going to #1.
  3. Any School Teacher would love your Apple Doily.
  4. That Valerie doily is really different. Is the center line going out, is it braided ? I am not sure. But it sure looks braided. I am also doing PK doilies all 99 Little doiles thru another group.
  5. Love your Blue Aquamarie doily. love the design of it.
  6. Love the 4 doilies in different colors. You do beautiful crochet.
  7. Amazing crochet doilys. May I ask what book is Doily #1 in ? I could see me crocheting that one, Oh so pretty.
  8. Thank you all....... howieann, Tampa Doll, cshort, greyhoundgrandma- I don't know if I would put purple ones on the christmas tree, altho its a thought to think aobut. I do have White Sowflake ones with swarovski beads in them for the Christmas tree. silverbelle29.
  9. Finished this the other day. Wanted to share and YES I plan to do all 99 Little Doilys. Patricia Kristofferson Doily #10 of 99. Started June 8. 2014. Finished June 16. 2014. 4" Inches Wide Across. Size 7 Crochet hook. Crocheted by Terry Devine aka sunnywolfgar. I used threads from my stash. Light Purple,Variegated Purples.
  10. so pretty. Your aunt will love it. I did this doily in the round one. Terry Devine aka sunnywolfgar
  11. Thank you , everybody for the nice comments on our March Doily. Startigerlily Peggy85225 cshort mathwizard Tampa Doll
  12. Yes, Afghanniac it is size 10 crochet thread by Aunt Lydia's. I call it our March doily-St Patrick Day. The gold color thread is suppose to be Gold coins , you know the pot of gold that March Brings. I did try to throw in a variegated rainbow color but I didn't have enough of it. so did away with that idea. So glad I got your thinking about getting out your old skinny hook again- crocheting with thread again.
  13. Thanks Skoggy, I love putting Swarovki Beads in my crocheting. I don't always do it. but when I do it looks wow.
  14. I can't beleive 2 months flew by so fast...Thanks granny square. would have been nice if they looked better. They was harder to make then I thought they would.
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