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    Terry Devine
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    crocheting,,other crafts
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    Domestic Homemaker...
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    50 years now
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    baby afghans,,pretty much crochet just aobut anything but clothes
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  1. sunnywolfgar

    I caught the sun of Egypt in these doilies

    Thanks I will have to try and find that book. Ty sunnywolfgar
  2. sunnywolfgar

    Spring and Fall Doilies

    Love both doilys but my eyes keep going to #1.
  3. sunnywolfgar

    Apple Doily

    Any School Teacher would love your Apple Doily.
  4. sunnywolfgar

    Most Recent Doily

    That Valerie doily is really different. Is the center line going out, is it braided ? I am not sure. But it sure looks braided. I am also doing PK doilies all 99 Little doiles thru another group.
  5. sunnywolfgar

    Aquamarine Starcatcher Doily

    Love your Blue Aquamarie doily. love the design of it.
  6. sunnywolfgar

    Serene Swan Doily

    Beautifully crocheted.
  7. sunnywolfgar

    Small doily in different colours

    Love the 4 doilies in different colors. You do beautiful crochet.
  8. sunnywolfgar

    I caught the sun of Egypt in these doilies

    Amazing crochet doilys. May I ask what book is Doily #1 in ? I could see me crocheting that one, Oh so pretty.
  9. sunnywolfgar

    Finished Patricia Kristoffersen-PK #10 of 99 Doilys.

    Thank you all....... howieann, Tampa Doll, cshort, greyhoundgrandma- I don't know if I would put purple ones on the christmas tree, altho its a thought to think aobut. I do have White Sowflake ones with swarovski beads in them for the Christmas tree. silverbelle29.
  10. Finished this the other day. Wanted to share and YES I plan to do all 99 Little Doilys. Patricia Kristofferson Doily #10 of 99. Started June 8. 2014. Finished June 16. 2014. 4" Inches Wide Across. Size 7 Crochet hook. Crocheted by Terry Devine aka sunnywolfgar. I used threads from my stash. Light Purple,Variegated Purples.
  11. sunnywolfgar

    Windsor Oval Doily

    so pretty. Your aunt will love it. I did this doily in the round one. Terry Devine aka sunnywolfgar
  12. sunnywolfgar

    Starshine Doily for March-Green Picture

    Thank you , everybody for the nice comments on our March Doily. Startigerlily Peggy85225 cshort mathwizard Tampa Doll
  13. sunnywolfgar

    Starshine Doily for March-Green Picture

    Yes, Afghanniac it is size 10 crochet thread by Aunt Lydia's. I call it our March doily-St Patrick Day. The gold color thread is suppose to be Gold coins , you know the pot of gold that March Brings. I did try to throw in a variegated rainbow color but I didn't have enough of it. so did away with that idea. So glad I got your thinking about getting out your old skinny hook again- crocheting with thread again.
  14. sunnywolfgar

    Starshine Doily for March-Green Picture

    Thanks Skoggy, I love putting Swarovki Beads in my crocheting. I don't always do it. but when I do it looks wow.
  15. sunnywolfgar

    Starshine Doily for March-Green Picture

    I can't beleive 2 months flew by so fast...Thanks granny square. would have been nice if they looked better. They was harder to make then I thought they would.